A couple of suggestions


Hey everyone,

Not sure if the idea was to only do one suggestion per post… if so then please do excuse me. Most of these ideas are already out there on this forum, but since they are very much felt by me as well - i figured i’d add them all up in a list and possibly throw in some new ones.

First off, there needs to be more use for alliances than just titans;

  1. Inner alliance trading: think of both normal resources like ham and iron, heroes and items (possibly with limits and/or cooldowns)
  2. Practice battles: without cost of energy let us be able to ‘raid’ each other and try out new compositions of both offense and defense and be able to give each other tips.
  3. Practice titans: Often I find myself wanting to try new stuff out on titans but I’d rather not come up with a 5k hit if it doesnt work out. Maybe allow us to practice against a titan of which we can set the *level freely?
  4. Alliance quests: as mentioned in another topic, something like a rare quest but then more elaborate and timed. The whole alliance needs to work together to finish it all (could be on world energy) and everyone can share the rewards - difficulty and rewards could be based on your alliance score.
  5. Alliance competitions: while I know ‘alliance wars’ are a heated point of discussion - it would be nice if perhaps leaders of alliances could declare war on each other and then the players can encounter players from the other alliance more often in raids or be able to pay some ham to roll someone you’re ‘at war with’.

Other various requests I’ve had and seen pass in the +/- 6 months I’ve been playing:

  1. More levels on the map, and while we’re at it maybe an actual reward if you complete the map
  2. More quests at the same time, I don’t need quests with iron/food/the basic crafting items or battle stuff for days on end and I also don’t need a day to complete those. The rotation could be sped up a little or give us more at the same time.
  3. Daily log in rewards, does not have to be big but can build up to something nice every month perhaps.
  4. More special events, everyone loved the easter event. I wouldn’t even need the special heroes!
  5. Ability to level up heroes for their skill increase when you can’t ascend them. With the 5* heroes final ascension material being near impossible to find the least I expect is that I can dump more heroes into them to get the most out of their lvl as is.
  6. Private messaging. I don’t know how difficult this is, but then all the tinderkids can also privately ask each other whether they want to be each others boy- and girlfriend. Would be nice to be able to communicate with people from other alliances within the game.
  7. Titan hit ranking, similar to the cup ranking system in place. Put a ranking out for biggest titan hit compensated for the * level.
  8. An item forge, this has largely been discussed in another topic in this thread. Allows us to ‘upgrade’ items to give an additional way to reach those ascension materials. Please see that thread for full info, just wanted to add it here because i think it is a great idea.
  9. Add more missions. These were a good way to keep track of how you were doing, but maybe they can now include some serious challenges to just keep it a bit more fun and get some gems. Think of missions as “beat the final level of rare quest without items” or “win 50 raids without losing any of your heroes”. If it is up to me they can be big and challenging, should keep us busy for a while.
  10. Include even more stats in the profile page, whilst a minor thing I do love me some of that info. It could be very confronting but i’d like things as “how much time spent playing”, “how many map lvls played”, “how many items used” but also thipongs such as “best team power you’ve won againt on defense”.

That’s all I can think of right now, hope at least some of these ideas will be implemented in the next update. As mentioned I’ve been playing for about 6 months and while I was playing an awful lot I barely see the point anymore, simply adding some new heroes won’t keep me interested enough.

Feel free to add more suggestions or discuss :slight_smile: I just needed to type this all out for myself haha.

Alliance "Training" Raids

Most of those ideias were already suggested, but is nice to see that a lot of people feel that something is missing inside Alliances. :slight_smile:


Nice writeup, why not practice on Titans you know your alliance can comfortably beat? On failure can drop 2 (or maybe more, I’m just relating personal experience) and if you can beat the preceding one reliably, you can absolutely hammer titans one level below that.

Or if it’s planned to escape, and you have some excess energy, try it there.



With regards to the titan practice - I do practice on titans if we drop one or if I go help out other alliances, but since it is my favourite aspect of the game I’d love to be able to play around with it more than the energy allows. Often I’d need at least 2 hits to compare what works better, which would already be 8hrs of energy, and ideally I’d have more hits to control for good/bad boards. Another thing is that some heroes take some getting used to (like Wu Kong) and I’d like for it to do that without putting my alliance at a disadvantage. I think it would allow people to experiment a bit more under ‘safer’ conditions and people like me can get more of their ‘strategic’ fix from titans.