A couple of polls just to get a general sense of how forum visitors are feeling overall


How do you feel about the overall direction the game is currently taking?
(please choose the option that indicates how long you’ve been playing, for overall reference)

  • I’ve been playing for more than 6 months, and I like the direction the game is going
  • I’ve been playing for more than 6 months, and I don’t like the direction the game is going; I might quit soon
  • I’ve been playing for more than 6 months, and I’m undecided and/or have mixed feelings about the current direction of the game
  • I’ve been playing for less than 6 months, and so far I’m loving everything
  • I’ve been playing for less than 6 months, and I’m not happy so far; I doubt I’ll stick around much longer
  • I’ve been playing for less than 6 months, and I still don’t really know what to think about it

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If you’ve been playing for exactly 6 months (more or less), feel free to err on whichever side you feel your opinion best represents (newbies vs. veteran players).


How likely are you to spend money on the game in the future?
(please choose the option that indicates whether or not you’ve already spent money on the game, for overall reference)

  • I’ve spent before, and I plan on continuing to spend
  • I’ve spent before, and probably will again once I’m able to afford it
  • I’ve spent before, but never will again because it’s not worth it
  • I’ve never spent, but would if I could afford to
  • I’ve never spent, and never will, because it’s not worth it
  • I haven’t spent yet, still undecided on whether I should or not

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EDIT: as the poll has already been created, I don’t want to skew the results…

If you have modified your spending habits, feel free to ignore poll #2 and explain below.

Okay, adding in poll #3 then to clarify:


For those who do spend / have been planning on spending:

  • I will probably spend more now because I like the new content
  • My spending will stay the same
  • I will probably spend less now because I don’t like the new content

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I’m a little surprised you didn’t include an option along the lines of:

I’ve spent before, and I plan to spend significantly less now

And then have the “continuing to spend” option be more like “continuing to spend a similar amount.”


This is actually where i’m at. Allowing myself a 10 pull per event at most where before i’d do sometimes 50 or more.


Guess I should have included that as well. I forgot to figure in the fact that some people will be dissatisfied, but will continue to spend anyway. For me, it’s all or nothing. If I’m not satisfied with a product, I don’t just drop from spending $10 down to $5… I drop down to absolute zero.


This is what I would have responded if the option was available instead I had to answer the “never again” option. It might change tho…


Apologies for that…

Actually even now that I think about it… when I say I never plan on spending again, that’s only if nothing changes. If things change? I might consider spending again. So you can go ahead and ignore poll #2.


No big issue to change a poll having 16 voters. They can change their vote if they want.
I vote for @zephyr1s option.
I have been playing for 3 years and 4 days :wink:


I’ve been playing for less than 6 months (since March) and the game is still entertaining for me. I’ve pulled new heroes recently, I always have some heroes to level up, I squirrel away gems so that I could pull 10 heroes during next Valhalla Summon and I hope that I will get new heroes during Sand Empire Event (I have 8 EHT, can be new S1 heroes).
But I know that this game can be disappointing. Many times I was so excited about possibility of pulling new heroes and I got nothing. When I got my first 4* I was very happy, but that faded away when I realised that getting a new hero is not the most difficult thing - you need rare ascension materials too (which I didn’t have).
I bought VIP pass a few times, last Atlantis I bought that small offer for Atlantis coins and gems - I pulled 2 new heroes.
Thankfully I found that forum, I’ve been here for about 2 months (just reading) and I know that this game is not worth my money, but I told myself that I can spend small amounts from time to time each month (no more than about 5-6$).
And I have no idea for how long that game will be entertaining for me, we’ll see.


This would be a better fit for me


For me, it was

I’ve spent very little before, and I plan on continuing to spend very little.

I almost bought the dragon magic deal last week, because it would have been nice to have a second builder to catch up for SH25, but I’m not sure if I care about SH 25 based on what I’ve read so far. That’s generally the extent of my spending - cheap VIP and maybe an alliance gem share, but not every time.


Added a 3rd poll because it’s too late to change the second. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! Longtime player in the house. Your opinion probably holds more weight than most here.

Unfortunately it is too late for me to alter the original poll, but I have added a 3rd poll to try to fix it.


I’ve been playing for… 21 months now? Things are going pretty well, and while things got a bit bumpy for a while, and I still see Telluria in about 90% of my raids and revenges, I’m working up my Red stack to hopefully be better able to make better attacks against Telly in the near future. (Quick summary: Mitsuko is almost maxed, and I’m going to emblem her, which should help a bit with the Telly-Vela situation a bit.)

As for spending… I’ve typically kept VIP going for a long time, initially because I needed the second builder. As it happens, I do currently have two buildings upgrading, but my construction is mostly done for now, so that won’t be necessary. But I decided to keep VIP going for the other benefits - gems, emblems, and so on. I just bought the 365-day pass a month or two ago, actually, as I decided I might as well save a few bucks compared to buying the 30-day pass each month.

I also had been buying the Atlantis gem offers, and often the Challenge Offers - basically, if I could get 200 gems for $1 or roughly that equivalent, I’d do it as long as my monthly entertainment budget wasn’t way off track. :wink: But because I kind of hit the Atlantis Lottery last month (GM, Kage, Ranvir, 3 Clarissa in 62 pulls), I didn’t buy any more Atlantis coins this month and I feel my attack lineup is pretty solid right now. The only color I have 4* ascension mats for is Green, so I’m picking and choosing my pulls now. No point getting a bunch more 5* if I can’t ascend them, so I’m easing off on spending for now.

But if I roll into a bunch of Mystic Rings or Farsight Telescopes, I’d pick and choose my Atlantis or Valhalla pulls to try to land something nice for my roster. (But the way things have gone, I’d just end up getting more Purple… I have too much Purple and only 1 tabard!)

Good gaming!


Explaining myself:

I am (very?) C2P, and I plan on continuing to play the same way.

My roster keeps improving to the point I temporarily stopped TC20, and mats are actually coming at a better rate than when I started playing two years ago.


I’ve been playing for 17 months. I was C2P (around $18/month I got the challenge deal, the Atlantis deal and VIP). I’ve stopped spending, but this is not really a protest of anything. I just question the value of getting more stuff: I don’t care about the second builder anymore. And I have enough heroes now that most of them sit on the bench unused and I don’t see the point of getting more. I’m having enough success with my current roster and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

I should add that I don’t chase 5* heroes since I feel like for the amount I was spending, I have little chance of getting them. I will probably save up gems for a long time and do a big pull maybe once or twice a year when they release new heroes that I think might be worth pursuing.


Main reason I created these polls is because I keep reading posts on here about people threatening to quit, threatening to quit spending, people saying they’ve already uninstalled or quit spending… then you get others saying they haven’t quit, don’t plan to, some saying they’ve reduced spending but are still spending, others pointing out that those who say they stopped spending are probably still spending, etc.

I don’t just want to take one player’s word for it. A lot of people here don’t bother posting anymore because… well, why bother arguing with someone over something subjective that you’re never going to agree on anyway? I wanted to get an overall subjective pulse on how everyone here is feeling… not just those of us who are vocal all the time.

And still I’m also taking into consideration that forum members only represent a tiny sample of the total number of players, so these poll results are not going to be fully accurate representations of how the majority of players feel. Just figured that people are probably more likely to vote in a poll vs. posting an independent thread, so polls will likely yield more accurate results.


@TGW Even though Question No. 2 does not provide a complete choice, this poll you have created is generally a great way of capturing the thoughts and minds of the players here in the forum, albeit it is just a small fraction of the total players in the game. I do suggest redoing it to include this poll modified accordingly, and include several more questions affecting the gamers and the game itself. I also suggest more categorization of player’s length of time on the game, i.e. 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, etc. I think there are wonderful and relevant questions that can be raised here and there are a few already in my mind but too tired to organize them in my dumb brain. Thank you for this.


It won’t let me edit it now, unfortunately. Feel free to create a new separate poll on the subject though with more options. And thank you for your opinion! This is what I’ve been wanting to hear from people, I want to know what people really think, without everyone just attacking each other. We are all players of the same game, and we all have the rights to express our own opinions regarding the game.

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To the moderators, can we pin this until @TGW or someone else has made a revised version of this with added polls. I like to keep track on this and know the general consensus after a certain period of time. Thanks.

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Nah. Almost 12am here. And I think you can do it better than I can since you already started it. I believe in you​:grin::grin::grin:

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I think they (or myself, or someone else) will have to create entirely new polls. With all possible options for best results. The forum currently won’t allow me to edit my current polls. But if we could come up with general questions and enough options to accurately represent every group, and have the mods pin it? That would be awesome.

I only started this thread out of simple curiosity, because I want to know where the game is headed and how most of us are feeling about it, particularly those who are maybe too shy to express their opinions openly.

It’s almost 12 p.m. here, but I’ve been up since about 12 a.m. here. :grin:

I’m afraid to scrub the original and restart without additional input from others, because I don’t want to miss other viable options. I believe polls are limited to only 10 options each, so it would be difficult to create one that includes every possible combination of short time / mid time / long time players along with F2P / C2P / P2P and very happy / mostly happy / neutral / somewhat unhappy / very unhappy combos…

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