A couple of AW strategy questions regarding two specific heroes: Wilbur and Muggy

So some of my alliance mates have been fortunate enough to pull some of the more interesting Atlantis heroes (they actually got them in previous Atlantis summons, so they’re already leveled), and they’re curious as to how they might affect war strategy.

Question number 1: Wilbur on offense. Wilbur’s special forces both teams to share damage. My teammate is curious to know how this affects enemy mana when attacking - e.g., when trying to avoid hitting the opponent’s healer, does Wilbur’s shared damage cause hits to charge up ALL of the opponent’s heroes’ mana, or just the ones actively being hit?

Question number 2: Muggy on defense. Muggy’s special allows any dead allies to respawn as lizards. Does this respawn count as a full hero respawn in the case of AW defenses? I’m guessing the answer is no, that unlike say Mother North, Muggy’s respawn only affects the current battle, and any hero that has been killed in that battle and respawned as a lizard will end up being dead at the conclusion of the battle. If, however, the respawn actually respawns the original hero, it could be beneficial for him to put Muggy on his AW defense team (he’s currently our smallest defense team anyway so it wouldn’t lower his overall TP).

Just the defending heroes being hit get mana charges.

I don’t know the answer to question 2, but there’s a topic on this forum from someone who loves Muggy, and uses him on their war and raid defense team: Do you even Muggy Bro? By me linking it here, maybe the OP from there can answer that :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks for the info :+1::smiley:

The heroes only respawn if they die as ‘Muggy Bros’. Muggy will not bring back lizards thru out the game



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