A coffee talk

I want to open this format to talk, in a chill and relaxed way, to the playerbase:

The topic of this day is :

What do you consider a balanced hero should be? you can give me some examples.

To me, a balanced hero is the hero who can add something to the team without breaking the game. A clear example of this are the new HOTM that SG was releasing:

Malosi, Clarissa, Raffaele, Noor, Zocc, Bai Yeong and Zulag.

They are not gamechanging, but used properly can support the whole team and lead to the victory.

Malosi and Bai can shut down a tank or an AOE hitter(bai)

Clarissa provides dot damage and a defensive boost for others dark heroes.
Shes kind of Gravemaker without being overwhelming.

Raffaele, Zulag and Noor provide survavility through healing and minion generation.

There are more examples of balanced heroes that can be a good addition to any team. For example a titan specialist. There was long time since SG released the last titan specialist hero.

Balanced heroes should be on every portal, and are the heroes that should be more aquirable for the playerbase. Thats why SG cannot allow itself to release more gamechanging HOTM like Telluria, Gravemaker, Seshat.

This is to avoid an overpopulation of those heroes. They need to exist to generate profit to SG but they need to be offered in limited portals like Ninja Tower and Challange events.

Personally, i think SG will follow that rule. SG has boosted S3 heroes, and now created some heroes that are above average usage. (Cobalt, Onyx, Garnet). If you ask me, i doubt we will see againt such powerful HOTM as telluria was. And im ok with that.


I consider a hero balanced if:

  • It isn’t a straight up upgrade of another hero in his same rarity tier.
  • He doesn’t offer too much for his actual special speed.
  • He have realistically available counterplays.
    • Some heroes shouldn’t be useable under some rules (ex. Alfrike & Rush battles)

I wish I had a better grasp on well rounded heroes. In my brain I focus on the Skill I need most. For example Mist: I use her to drop the special skill defense of the enemies primarily. I often forget she also makes the heroes immune to getting new buffs AND significantly lowers their mana production. That’s a well rounded hero my friend!!


I think that 4☆ heroes are eaiser to balance. There are some really useful and powerful ones but its unlikely that sg will nerf any of those (Mist, C.Rig, Brynhild…) that only because they compite with 5☆ heroes everyday so its not that bad that sg increases the power and quality of abilities(a little bit) from new 4☆ stars. Though it could unbalance some tournament formats like it happened with 5☆ rush with Alfrike.


I do look forward to the 4 star tournaments. Those are the only I can finish without a rebuy.

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A balanced hero to me is pretty simple: it is a hero that either does one thing extremely well, or several things moderately well.

A hero that does several things extremely well is just begging for a nerf.

A hero that does only one thing poorly is in desperate need of a buff.

EDIT: to expand on that… say you have a pure damage dealer.

  • If it hits all enemies, the damage should be low (or moderate as long as it’s slow mana)

  • If it hits one + nearby, the damage should be moderate (and mana should at least be average)

  • if It only hits one, it should be high damage and preferably fast mana

  • If the hero also heals itself, that needs to be taken into consideration and reduced from the damage dealt (or reduced mana speed)

  • If it also buffs / debuffs / creates minions / etc. , again - every time you add a bonus to a hero that other heroes of the same type and caliber don’t have, you need to take something else away from it in exchange

Easiest way to keep the heroes balanced is to take the already good existing heroes… tweak something about their stats. Anything that makes the new hero more powerful than the original hero, you will also need to in turn take something away from the new hero that the original hero has, and vice versa.

You can’t simply create two snipers and have one of them do more damage than the other, without reducing other stats on the one that does higher damage.

If it hits harder, you either need to reduce mana speed or make it squishier, something like that.


Example of this is my Lianna. Powerful but without a healer she would ultimately die really fast.

I think a well rounded hero is not a hero at all, but a team of heroes. But maybe that’s another day topic? :man_shrugging:


Yes, Lianna is a balanced hero for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

The archetypal “glass cannon” so to speak. Hits hard but is squishy.

Any new pure sniper introduced to the game should be “balanced” based on her stats.

You look at Kingston for comparison…
Now, overall, Kingston is probably more powerful than Lianna (without costume or emblems at least - costumed Lianna is actually higher power than Kingston).

Comparing the two directly, they are fairly even. Slight discrepancies, but nothing to a game breaking degree. IMO the two are both fairly balanced and equally useful as green snipers.


Burn not being effetive is a reason why my Jean Francois is not in my red stack when Kingston is there. That gives him more balance…and more reason to curse when I forget to take JF off my team.

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Burn damage… yes.

It’s funny… I’ve played a lot of games in my time. I’ve always loved the idea of DOT (damage over time) attacks. Poison, burning, etc. Oftentimes played as a “ranger” hero in different games… running around, pew pewing with my poison tipped heroes, thinking I was making an impact. Other players telling me, “your class sucks, DOT sucks, switch classes plz, nobody wants a ranger with poison tipped and flaming arrows on their team… either tank, heal, glass cannon, or GTFO”

But… but… I pew pew pew! And run around! And slowly deal damage while not dying myself!

“Nobody cares, ranger.”


Flip side of that. In E&P. You go in offensively with a DOT? LOL useless.

You go in against a defensive DOT?


That slow death is no friggin joke. You’re all ready to fire off the sniper and Clarissa and Vela say “nope”. Chinese Water Torture I say!


All you can do is sit there and watch, helplessly… hoping your healer can charge before—

Oops, never mind, too late. Your healer is dead.

You now have 2 turns left to kill the rest of your opponents…

Oh crap. None of my specials are charged… this board sucks!!! Maybe if I move this one over here…

You now have 1 turn left to kill the rest of your opponents…

But wait! No!!! I’m just about to set up an awesome combo that will wipe everyone out! Just give me one more turn!



Well @#$%.

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