A charity event / summoning portal 🕯

Done it a while back ago, I’ll share it on my line groups and discord :hugs:


Thanks, you’re the best! :hugs: Also, what are these mysterious line groups everybody is talking about and why am I left out? :unamused:

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Alliance groups, line bots groups with mombot and wisegoat in them, war rooms and so on


Oh ok, I only have my alliance groups. How do we get in bots groups or war rooms (I don’t even know what they are, but whatever :joy: l)?

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I’m on board but if it’s a summoning event perhaps, just to make it interesting, guaranteed no 3s. All 4s and 5s to ensure no unwanted Dawas and because let’s face it, we can get 3s of any event challenges during normal event summons.


Good LINE and Discord groups - #37 by Rook post 34 (i would have invited you but those where i am are only for my country players :hugs: )


it’s for a noble cause not for getting heroes :smile:

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I appreciate the motive and idea behind this.

It’s selfless in a very selfish world.

But this causes issue this could bring so many troubles into effect.

I like to keep my game a escape and fun. Not having news and world issues in it.

It will not be nice hearing what about this charity or what about that one or that one supports this thing and this one supports that thing and how dare you forget these people and what about that people.

Imo it will cause unnecessary trouble.


So happy to see so many of you spend one of your votes for this. Thank you so much :pray:

It is true, that the good cause chosen might make some people cheer for it, while others would have preferred another cause.

But I think that kind of thinking is making something complex, that do not need to be. I would simply view it as one small step at the time. One good cause for this charity portal, and perhaps another good cause for the next charity portal :seedling:

Either way, one good cause donated to is better than no cause at all, the way I see it :heart: If you see it differently, I respect that - it´s merely my view. One can only start with the first step.


I have also seen similar things go a couple different ways:

1 - There is a list of 10 (or whatever) charities and the donater can pick which one before they buy gems, etc.

2 - There is a large list people vote on, say 10 again for an example, and then the funds are split evenly among the top 3 vote getting charities.

This won’t save the planet, but there are plenty of good causes and anything helps. No matter how they do it someone will complain. Even doing nothing makes complain. There is always “noise”.



I don’t really care which charity it is as long as one gets all the money raised.

But my preference is for a children’s charity and I don’t see how anyone could object to that…but I’m sure some will.

But let’s just raise some money and give back to a worthy cause



Hi, hello there, it´s me again… :hearts:

Just wanted to shine another light on this thread :candle: Just in case SG doesn´t know, which portal they should put all those new heroes in - here´s an idea! :blush: :pray:


I’m here again :seedling:

Please, SG, consider donating something to a good cause. The amount of money that people spend on this game is making me so sad to witness, considering that it’s gambling. :disappointed_relieved:

A three star hero fed the moment after it arrived, could be a meal to a person, who is starving and doesn’t know how to make it through the day. :candle:

I’ll keep hoping :pray:


And they just hit a record high of 8 offers/sales at once.

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My little thread, I almost couldn’t find you there. Shine on :pray: :star2:



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Great idea, let’s keep this going, and get to 100 votes!

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Apologies if you’ve already been tagged in this post.


Great idea! Already voted. :blush:


Yes yes yes

20 yes characters


Thanks @Control_Freq


Voted in favour. :muscle: