A charge not valid, nothing received

On November 18th approximately 2:30pm, I was charged an ultimate challenge. I was at work working at this time. Confused when I received the notification. I contacted Apple as to what happened. I also asked my alliance if they had the same problem. Also told them I never received anything for this. So a couple of days ago I received an email that I was refunded. Then I go on my game and have a message from you guys. I was pretty upset about it. I didn’t charge this, that I can honestly tell you. I am pretty upset with the fact you took all my diamonds away and put me negative balance of -5900. I have spent a lot my money and pay attention to when I buy something. You basically charged me around $70 and the cost was for 29.99. I am very upset about this. Also wondering if the game is worth playing anymore. 1- I do not know how the charge happened that day and 2-if I honestly did purchase it where is the product that I should have received? :frowning_face:

Hi, @Viking28026!

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, but almost everyone here are players just like you and we are not able to help you regarding your account purchases, gems balance etc.,
I would recommend you to contact customer service and hopefully they will be able to help you solve this problem.
Wish you good luck!

Instructions on how to contact customer service:


It doesn’t give me a contact person or email. I can’t figure out how to contact anyone.

You need to submit a support request, follow the instructions from the link I’ve shared above.

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Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. Still haven’t heard anything back from support.

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