A change in playstyle - how about that? 🕹

A change in playstyle - how about that? :joystick:

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

I´ve experienced a drop in the joy I get out of the game recently. And, while knowing we are all different, I couldn´t help but wonder…

Did you ever experience, that a change in playstyle helped to preserve the joy you get out of the game?
And if so, which changes did you make?

When, and how?

Did you cut back on raiding, quit wars all together, stopped spending, stopped filling daily chests, stopped competing, stopped doing the challenge events, did you begin to set limits on how much time you spend on the game - or something entirely different?

Did the changes you make help - and does it still help you?
What did it take to turn it around?

Thank you for sharing and nice day to all of you :ribbon: :heart_hands:


I always need a goal to focus on so last year when I ran out of non season 1 heroes to ascend I was a little stumped at first. I did make it a mission to build up troop depth and get the level 29s in each color, to which I have all now except green (just doing the magic troop at this point).

Honestly if I wasn’t playing with people I know, I would have probably just quit. It is really disheartening when you have zero hero projects to work on, even after limit breaks came out I would have stashes of over 3,000 heroes in my training camp to collect. The release of soul exchange I think helps with this, I know with consistently running 3 TC20s that I can get heroes new to me to work on if RNG fails me like it did last year. But this year I still have a couple months worth of heroes to catch up on without more summons, so luck is much better.

Other things, I go in and out of raiding based on ham needs. Right now I need alot of ham cause I have a steady stream of heroes to work on and I needed to get a caught up a bit on troop feeding. Map levels I use all my energy, I have a goal at this point to hit level 100 since I’m in the 90s it is obtainable.

Alliance wise scaling back out of top 200 range has made things easier as well, not really pressured although I am on all the time anyways.



  • Stopped chasing avatar missions.
  • Stopped doing any Tower events beyond level 25
  • Stopped stressing about filling chests and using all my available World Energy
  • Prioritised things that help my alliance - wars, Titans, Alliance Quest, Mythic Titan

Much happier!


1st - I stopped doing revenges for teams that beat my defense. I once felt obligated - to defend my honor or something. Now I just ignore that.

2nd - I stopped caring about raid defense. Cups don’t matter, I just want to open my chest in diamond. Setting a less than optimal defense allows me to stay in low diamond and face more varied defenses with less of the newest heroes.

3rd - I decided to not change my raid attacking team. I used to always change my attack team up to use 3 vs tank and 2 vs strongest flank. It probably got me good experience in team building for wars, but I don’t feel like I need that any more. My 3 yellow/2 blue is good enough for 75%+ win rate, so why nitpick over a few extrs % points?

4th - I let my self relax on opening chests. If I open 2 a day (1 monster, 1 hero) I’m happy. Sometimes I get 3, sometimes 1. All good in my book.

5th - I decided not to take that second (nor 3rd) shot against a team I lose a raid to. I already know that with a good board, any of my teams can beat any team out there. I know with a decent board, I can generally beat most teams. And with a bad board, I will generally lose to most teams. The only thing rematching against them did was add to my anger and frustration if I lost again. So I give myself one shot to beat them, and move on. Side note - I think a lot of nerf threads come from people insisting on rematching until they have won

With those changes, I feel generally much better. I only get frustrated occasionally with bad luck in a war or raid match, but maybe only once every 2 weeks :rofl:

I think all of them can be summed up with not pressuring myself to do things that don’t really matter (to me at least)


I stopped competing so much in raids. I set a weaker defense team to mildly cup drop. My cup range reduced by about 200 cups form 2700+ to 2500+… but the difference in defense teams and attacks on me was huge. I fill my raid chest a lot faster now, and my revenges are more reasonable :slight_smile:

I also became less strict about always using all my world and raid energy :slight_smile:


A year or two back, I essentially took on retirement alliance duties. I was not happy with the total screen time needed to complete active alliance duties as well as personal account growth. Game changes were not going in the direction that would help the aforementioned reasons.

  1. I don’t farm. It’s boring and diverts my attention from real life.
  2. I rarely raid.
  3. I don’t war, freeing me to not pay attention to what windows I have to login during.
  4. I hit the titan when I feel like it.
  5. I don’t obsess over events or rare quests. I miss 4* AM and limit break quests, but it’s okay since I don’t really need to advance in a given timeframe.
  6. I’ll do challenge events as time permits. I generally start in Legendary so I maximize my rewards per time in-game.
  7. I don’t hit the Mythic titan.
  8. I don’t play the Tournaments.
  9. I don’t play the Tower events.
  10. I don’t buy offers.

I feel like I have a more manageable relationship with the game after making these changes. I like to keep up on current affairs and if anything interests me, I’ll chime in.

The game can still be fun, but I’m not going to let it be my hobby like it used to be. I would encourage you to play the features you enjoy the most and ignore the rest. Progress is slow, but if you’re enjoying the time you are in the app, then progress isn’t as important.

Good luck :shamrock:


Stop coming on the forum? :smirk:

But to be serious, sounds like you need to shake things up a bit. When I feel like that I stretch my legs and have a bit of a merc, help others out and chat to random people, do a few random wars and snoop around alliances like a stalker :rofl: @JonahTheBard would be proud. Make a few new friends basically. And log out of the forum for a while :grin: I usually log back in when @petri resets the vengeance counter to zero and my in-game luck starts increasing again :face_with_peeking_eye:


A couple of months ago I thought I was about to uninstall. I’d already cut some things back.

However I cut down all S3 & S4 even during their energy drops and me having not completed yet. I don’t do rare quests chasing mats if I don’t feel like it. Same for aethers. I also don’t stress if I don’t use all my flasks on Atlantis

I left being a permanent alliance member too. Just floated around a bit doing war if I felt like it.

S5 helped me as I enjoyed it. The amulets and all enemies having specials etc was fun.

It helped get my mojo back a bit. I got into the swing of things and am in an alliance again. I know I won’t level all my heroes, but don’t care. I’m happy with my roster, it has enough bits to give me enjoyment in raid and war which are my favourite part of the game without logging in 8/9 times a day.


I’ve changed up my playstyle many times in the years I’ve been playing. I think I get most frustrated with the game when I start trying to do all the things (and be good at them too). I’m most happy when I focus on just a few things that currently interest me.

For a while, I was super focused on challenge events. Now I only really try for the alliance event.
I used to love hitting 14* titans and getting high scores on Mythic. Now I’m content with 8* titans and I rarely use any items.

Several times, I have stepped away from alliance life and just spent time mercing. I actually find that quite enjoyable. It definitely gives a different perspective on the game.

Right now, I’m playing around with tournaments and building up 3* and 4* teams. I also found a very casual, no pressure alliance and I I find that suits me very well at the moment.

The most important thing to me is to make sure I’m only investing my time in the parts of the game that make me happy. And if I completely ignore certain events or aspects of the game, that’s ok.


Not exactly the response you are looking for:
Anyway, I usually aim to fully complete all the activities a game has to offer. If I feel I no longer want to do so I see this as an indication I no longer enjoy the game and just move to another.


For a good part of 2021 I hemmed and hawed about this game. I had stalled somewhat and, because most of my LB emblemed heroes happened to be on my defense I was constantly fighting above my weight in raids. I also tended to want to finish everything, including the common quests. I was getting frustrated.

I decided to concentrate on my troops. I only really had one good set and a bunch at 1-1 or so. I started running HA2 and HA6. Not consecutively, I am still running HA10 as well.

Having multiple higher-level troops in each colour helped immensely, especially as I tend to raid 3-2 (and war mono). Now I am better able to survive long enough to sometimes turn the boards in my favour.

I also gave up on the idea of completing everything the game offered. I have never completed any tower. I rarely farm now except in AR using up my loot tickets (I am currently at almost 300 WE flasks). And so far I have completed exactly one stage in S5.

And I now reroll a lot more than I used to. Too frustrating facing 5200 defenses that shred my heroes in three moves.


i’m in my third year playing this game, and i’ve spent a good bit, so my inventory is quite stocked.

my changes to how i interact with the game are largely the result of changes to the game itself. i don’t know what it says about me that i’m a reactionary that way, but it is the way it is.

  • when they released the Magic Troops, i really stopped focusing so heavily on troop leveling because all that effort was just going to be superseded by some further development in the game. i’m less annoyed with this phenomenon when it comes to heroes because i’ll usually get to spend a lot of time enjoying a hero before they get replaced (Marjana is the first example that comes to mind), but troops? especially with the resources they require? no. i went back to hero leveling after that release.

  • i watched nearly every Mystic Vision when cooldown was 8 hours. i watched 90% of them when it was brought down to 4 hours. i’ve watched maybe 3 Mystic Visions total since they brought the cooldown to 2 hours.

  • there wasn’t a specific moment that this happened, but i just stopped raiding, and it coincided with me no longer trying to be hyper efficient with filling chests. my hero chest gets filled with raid tournament hits, i maybe open one chest on the weekend when i have to use actual raid flags, and my monster chest gets filled with event farming (AR, VF, TU) or daily quests. i was getting really annoyed at all the one-turn kills (meaning if x combo of heroes fired in the same turn, i’m dead), and even when i DID change my strategies up (team set ups, element combinations, etc.), boards killed me no matter what i tried.

i still enjoy the core gameplay, and i still have the competitive itch that some things in the game keep me satisifed with (raid tournaments and Mythic Titan mostly). i don’t know that there was necessarily anything that needed to be turned around, but i’m not enjoying the game less despite those behavioral changes i made in how i interact with the game.


I used to play with my right finger but after these years it became boring so i changed my playstyle and i started to move tiles with my nipple
Ok im getting out dont push


This is an interesting thread, I feel for the OP as I’m in the same situation. Awhile back I set goals to keep me interested in the game. Hit each color 14* titan for over 200k in a single hit, Reach level 100, Be #1 in Top Players, Get Troops to 29 and second set to 23, finish in top 1% in a tourney…

Two weeks ago, I finished all of those goals by reaching level 100, now I don’t know what to do in the game… nothing drives me, I barely log on to do wars and hit titans and just have no motivation, my game time has gone way down and spending has dropped to zero.

I haven’t been able to find a goal that motivates me, maybe I should be happy, but I have so much invested in the game…


I have noticed that once I hit a certain point in the game I became bored & stopped pushing myself to finish anything.

I changed my attitude about must haves
I no longer purchase every offer or chase after every new hero. I budget my pulls for each portal (a good thing since I have no space for new heros) sometimes it can be frustrating but since I made the rules, you would think I should be able to follow them…:joy:

I changed my location
My former and first ever alliance was relaxed and a great place but I outgrew them, I joined another very nice bunch but I wasn’t ready to be quite that competitive although I loved the 13/14* titans…
I finally settled in an alliance thats right in the middle of those two and it has rekindled my spark for the game…:grin:

I changed my intake in the forum
I no longer read every thread unless it’s something that I either find interesting or pertinent to me (this most importantly includes humor) I also don’t read every single post in a thread anymore (unless it’s so fantastic I just can’t stop reading…only happened once)


not spending money makes a big difference in my game experience: i take everything it comes as a joy

and also leading my alliance with my philosophy drives me to be an example and lead the ones who trust in me

that being said, dunno if i felt like i was down a bit on the game, but if i did, new and vfast stuff that the game brought made it ‘more alive’

fyi: i complete everything and i’m a bit ‘ugh’ if i didn’t pay attention and missed an opportunity. lvl95 (65 flags = 10h50m) is a plus. lol

so overall: if you care to set reasonable, no money, goals, go ahead and that will drive you to play and enjoy the game again. imho :slight_smile:


created my own alliance where there are only me and my alts and no outsiders allowed.

capped titan at 1*. and i don’t even need to kill it if i don’t want to.

war is the joy, but when i see if i won’t win because opponent is too strong, i don’t need to seriously fight in the war and waste my time, just hit and run and get 1 point for the war % participation sake.

stress free gaming.


ve done the same thing except 1’ titans.


It’s really inevitiable in this game. If you like building a base, well… that’s going to stop eventually once things are maxed. If you like building a strong team, well… that’s self-defeating. Once you have a strong team, there’s little reason to build another. You have to change up at some point or quit.


About a year and a half ago, I planned on quitting. I floated outside of an alliance, playing only the things that I enjoyed. I joined an alliance and continued playing the things that I enjoy. I don’t set any alarms, I’m not in a rush to complete any chests. I don’t compete in all the tournaments, and I have no desire to finish any towers.

For me, it was always frustrating to know that whatever I can get as a reward, others can just buy in multiples. I can’t keep up, so I play to have fun.