A call to undo the crazy nerfs!

With the insane power of the new heroes I feel that all the heroes that were nerfed should be undone. Frigg, Odin, Teluria, Vela, etc. all shud have their nerfs undone. If what SG were saying was true, the reasons for the nerfs r now irrelevant so surely to help the C2P players who stand no chance of puling these insane new heroes, putting the old heroes back to how they were wud help a lot but I’m guessing SG care not 1 tiny bit about the C2P players. I can’t see myself lasting much longer in this game. The cash grabbing is going to insane levels. That stupid release about the winter family nerf & the reasons behind just don’t wash. If that was the case then as I said, previously nerfed heroes shud be put back as soon as the reasons for nerfing in the 1st place don’t apply anymore. So angry with the donkeys at SG.


Seriously. C Krampus should be restored too. These Chinese heros would dominate a taunt/minion team.


I am not by any means minimizing your thoughts or post however if you could get people to stop crying and whining about every little hero they can’t beat in battles they wouldn’t have need for the nerf in the first place.


I can attest to this. She’s incredible, plus has that mana boost that is even better when I pair her with her dark celestial sister, Hel.

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SG’s heads r up their rear ends !!! Just an example of their ineptitude. Release a HotM that has a special skill that is deemed so powerful they feel the need to give him an innate resistance to not only attack ailments but attack buffs too but he bypasses all defences & then to blow that gesture up you release heroes that enemies can’t bypass defensive buffs. I mean come on !!! Have they even got a clue what they are doing or shud the question be do they even care?? This game used to have a semblance of balance. The heroes released had a bit of thought put into them but nowadays it seems they have no idea what came before as tho different devs. are designing these new heroes without a clue as to what’s come before. Is there a company mandate as to who can come up with the most insane heroes imaginable. Obviously if u don’t mind spending a tonne of cash it won’t bother u so much but for the average user we want to be able to mount a decent attack & try to keep up but how is that possible when u have 3* heroes that have the same stats as 4*’s ???

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Funny how thread starter did not even mention the mother of all nerfs, ckrampus. Probably didn’t care cause he doesn’t have it. I’d bet he has telly vela Odin or frigg though.

It’s not funny. I do have C. Krampus. The nerf is currently relevant. He was going to be a crucial part of my ice mono but I use OG Krampus now. Don’t have Odin or Tel so you are dead wrong. It’s a general idea rather than specific to heroes I have. Come on.!!! C. Kramp was too OP especially with Pengi !! I’m talking about nerfs that are no longer relevant. Read my post eh ?? C. Krampus’ nerf was relevant. A little too much IMO but relevant. Buff the crap out of villains & Starfall but leave Frigg, Odin, etc. crippled compared to the current meta.

The S1/Classic heroes will also need significant buffs alongside just reverting the old nerfs (to a point) since they really are rush everything out the door.

I just mean the original reasons for the nerfs don’t hold weight anymore so unlock their original potential. I mean they were nerfed multiple times. Just a single de-nerf wud be something. Even with costumes S1 r nothing compared to recent releases. Apart from the few that r still desirable, C. Leo, C. Marj. C. Kad. The costumes don’t do that much to improve them. Judged on their own merit, maybe, but current comparisons are a bit of a joke. When the reasons behind the nerf are no longer present where does that leave the hero ?? Warming the bench. I know it’ll never happen I just wish they’d show a little love to past heroes instead of constantly churning out new OP heroes to fill the war chest !!!


You must be kidding, right?

I bet you have ckrampus and not telly.

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The way I see it is this. Frigg, Tell, etc. they were nerfed for being over used but let’s be honest back then there wasn’t much of a choice. They were the top hero combos. There was always 1 combo that was devastating so SG nerfed them. Nowadays there’s sooo many different hero combinations meaning the original issue isn’t as much of an issue. In fact SG do a 180 & instead of nerfing for over use they give unneeded buffs to villains, magic & circus to make them more appealing to our wallets???. I just don’t get it. (Well, I do, it’s about ££££.) Hence my call for the previously nerfed to be de-nerfed. We don’t see the issues that used to call for a nerf as much. How many users wud actually start using Tell if she was back to her single nerf days? Not too many I think but the 1’s that wud start to use her again wud be the C2P’s. That’s why I can’t see the issue in de-nerfing. Anything to enable competition with the new meta !!! B4 it’s said, no, I don’t have Tell !!!

Honestly, I believe revisiting old nerfs is a fantastic idea and would be great for overall morale. This should really be done periodically.

Sure, revisit Telluria and Vela, but also consider much older nerfs such as those to Guinevere, Ares and Zeline since the game has evolved considerably since those were put in place.

I also think considering buffs to older heroes is similarly necessary. When you have newer snipers like Dark Lord and Zhang Fei routinely crossing the 500% damage threshold and having strong secondary effects, maybe it is time to revisit older ones like Magni, Lianna & Perseus.

I posted this 12 + hours ago in another thread. I can’t and don’t intend to speak for a lot of the heros because i havent been fortunate enough to have had more than one Hero deemed worth nerfing…
“So… I was a little annoyed with the Santa Nerf to begin with, but had made peace with it (as in sucked it up ad moved on). But with the Roll Out of the Three Kingdom Heros (annoyed me enough to create a Login on here just so i could ask for the logic because for the life of me i cant find any)… Their attack combined with the Minions… Remind me again how Santa was “OP”??? He doesnt hold a candle these new Heros. They have 3 star Heros that can summon single minions that are Stronger than Santa’s (yes i get the single vs party but i’d counter with 5 star vs 3 star), and 5 Stars like Zhuge Liang that make Santa look like a decent 4 Star hero. I enjoy the game, but really really find it hard to ‘find joy’ when faced with things like this. Please help me understand the logic in this (and please dont insult me with the “we dont have data yet” arguement when you it doesnt take a person with a Masters Degree in analytics to do a side by side comparison. I get a “family” nerf, but now with that AND the individual nerf, one would have to run a heavy Winter Fam team to COME CLOSE to the current “stand alone” heros.)”

I believe this thread is a great idea, I personally don’t have any of the above mentioned hero’s but that doesn’t matter, there is much logic in what has been stated however getting SG to agree is a different discussion.

Thumbs up and good luck on your quest.

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