A building to farm ascension items

I feel as if there should be a building that the developers should create that would help create ascension items because, as it stands, there are several people who leave the game because they have heroes that they can’t level up. I myself just got my 1st fully ascended 5* team and it took me 13 and 1/2 months. Personally, i believe that takes too long, so my solution is simple. If you read the title, you’d know that I’d like a building that is similar to the forge except it’s for ascension items. I know there are some people who will cry that this would make f2p obsolete or unfair, but it won’t, especially with some of these rules implemented.

-The rules would be:
1). that you have to have a stronghold at lvl 15 to build this new building.
2). You have to use both money and food resources for ALL items (the more rare the item, the more resources it cost)
3.) You have to sacrifice heroes of a specific color for the item you want (red hero for rings, blue hero for spyglass etc…) and the level/rarity of the item would require more heroes (kinda like leveling up).

If anyone has any alternatives, feel free to share, but I feel like this would make the game more fun and less tedious. It would also make pulling 5* heroes more enjoyable knowing that we could actually ascend them in a week or two and not a few months. Right now I have four 5* blue, seven 5* purple, five 5* green, one 5* red and four 5* yellow to ascend and it would take me YEARS to obtain all the ascension materials needed to max all of them, and honestly, I’m not that interested in doing that.

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