A brand new alliance for active players to grow together


Grow Together Thai is just established for active players. New and experienced players are all welcome :wink:. This is an international alliance. The only two requirements are:

  1. everyday attack on the Titan
  2. use all flags on the war

We would like to recruit anyone who wants to grow together. The alliance will have relaxed atmosphere, with no drama. Information will be exchanged in the alliance to help everyone, especially newbies, to grow fast.

Good and reliable players will be promoted. We will be like a family. Hope to see you soon! :grinning:

Search for “Grow Together Thai


The Stronghold is looking for one member. We love our alliance!!! We want you to play daily and get stronger with us. Hit all titans and have fun with us in wars! Highest titans 9*.


Thank you very much @Dimes. It is very nice of you. I have experience attacking 9*Titans. I just would like to build a new alliance for newbies to grow together.