A bit of self-reflection

I have come back to this game a lot more casual, relaxed and less angsty than before.


Because I’ve realised that nothing is in my control! I mean that in a positive way.

I don’t pick my heroes in this game. The game picks the heroes for me.

I can save as many tokens or gems as I like but that truth will never change.

Now that I am at peace with this concept I have freely ascended Vivica, Obakan and soon Richard without any anxiety about keeping my stash of damascus blades intact for that elusive Sartana or green 5* which I’ve not received in 1.5 years of play xD

Can I say this: it feels good. I don’t need to sweat on farming gems at 2am in the morning because none of that really matters.

I just need to appreciate the hand I am dealt with and patiently hope for the best :slight_smile:

Games are meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over!!


I finally figured this out after wasting a lot of time.(and money) Enjoy what you get, there will always be another, better, fancier hero. But if you look at what’s right in front of you, you may be surprised to find a few great teams…plus heroes that someone else doesn’t have as well!

Play for fun. Stop when it’s no longer fun. Don’t bankrupt yourself chasing that elusive 5*, it’s just not worth it. It will come to you in time anyway.


Great thoughts @FrenziedEye

I have given up spending too, not because I spent money I didn’t have, but because it no longer makes sufficient difference. Even let vip lapse

I have a nice library of heroes and heaps more to train, and it will all happen when it happens.

Stressing yourself for a game is just not worth it! Glad you have found your peace


You’re completely right and i realize(d) i fell in this same trap too. I hoarded coins and gems from january, and considered waiting until next month hopefully for tarlak to be featured in atlantis.

But then i realized it’s no guarantee whatsoever and how ridiculous it is. So i decided to all out and got Triton (nice but has no real place on my blue team) and inari that’s nice but i didn’t aim for her. So all that time being patient amounted to almost nothing. But as i was watching the last 3* emerge from the gate i felt relieved. Finally i can leave hoping for luck and hoarding behind. And im not complaining at all, I’ve been very lucky in my summons and mats gatering thus far. I just have no need to have all 5*mono teams of top heroes. Time to enjoy what i have :slight_smile:


I believe you all are right
We should enjoy what we have. But I’m still going to save my gems and coins for seasonal events or that occasional Atlantis pull because there really isn’t a much better use for them. If I get only 3 * then that’s okay I have plenty of other heroes I can work on.



I see your points, looking at the game with that state of mind helps a lot (especially our nerves ^^)

Personally I enjoy my alliance on top of the game, so I play mostly for hanging with its people.

But the most common trap I see people fall in is the…how to put it…“purchase understanding”.
As the “what is a gacha?” topic says, it’s important to be aware on what you are buying: usually you’re not buying 5* heroes but A CHANCE to get them. Very small detail, but that makes an huge difference in the player mindset.
I guess that once a player is fully aware of this, then he/she can enjoy the game more positively.


I think most of us are aware of that but that doesnt change the fact that rng might smile on you so the hope is always alive as well as frustration when things go wrong. Being aware of it doesnt make gacha any less predatory practice and my heart goes out to the people that do 100 pulls without 5* etc.

But of course, spreading the awareness of it is important


You, my friend, have just reached a little Nirvana.



I agree with you, Kenneth. A chance for victory is not victory itself.

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Someone heard me because… I JUST PULLED SARTANA THIS MORNING!!!



A bit of self-reflection?
I think you need a better mirror.

I get why the passive fad has taken off, and it is true that much of this is beyond your control, and getting angry about it, just ages you faster. And while you may feel a bit happier for having found the “ZEN” in the game, and if that is true, I am quite humbly happy for you.

But from what I’ve seen that isn’t actually what’s been happening. It’s less Zen and more cognitive dissonance. If you think the artwork here is that crappy and off (yes, yes, yes it is.) by accident your wrong. If you want to argue artwork, I offer to you Lianna. That chic isn’t hitting anything on purpose.
How about Layla? Go ahead, try and copy that bodily stance.

It’s easy to be zen about things you think are out of your control, not so much once you discover your basic assumptions are wrong.

This game isn’t a passive players paradise, you can, and should engage your brain, and stop bashing it against the wall. Your leaking sticky stuff on the walls.
This game is entertainment, so there will NEVER be a “beating the game”, it’s a win if you feel that your money and time are well spent.
That being said, if you really think, “it’s beyond your control” (see Dangerous Liaisons) you haven’t been paying attention.

Does the game deliberately work against you? of course it does, the game cheats, it has to or it would have trouble making the math work. You don’t have a red hero in your ranks, then there’s a ■■■■ good chance the starting board will be red. I love this one, just enough color matches to deny a critical healing opportunity by just a little, itty, bitty, bit. Soooooo close it hurts.
Or the cheating works for you, when from out of nowhere the magical life sustaining cascade lay waste to the battlefield before you. Of course it looks and feels a lot like cheating when that one item you need to ascend from 4 to 5, just so happens to come in a gift package, for $4.99US.
Of course on top of that, is the deliberate stress the game makers put on you to get you to part with your money. I have to tell you, that 2nd builder is a ■■■■ nice thing to have upon occasion, and you get a baby fire breathing dragon too, so cute, right?

By means of a real world example in Chicago, a new apartment building had been completed, but the tenants complained vociferously that the elevators were too slow. The following month, all but a very few complaints had stopped.
So did the apartment managers put in faster elevators? Nope. Make the old ones run faster? Of course not. What they did was, upon the recommendation of a psychologist, install mirrors on and around the elevators on each floor. Turns out that it really wasn’t an issue of speed, it was a matter of entertainment. People played with theirs and others reflections, which made the speed of the elevators less important.

So you can play as a zen pebble skipping across a lake, or you can use your mind and find the levers of power in this game, and use them to move the odds of the game in your favor.

Ok, I’m getting off the soapbox now.
If you have any questions, good, go find some answers for them.


Thanks for the detailed comment, I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to be a Zen. Far from it.

Pulling particular 5* heroes is never in your control. You can increase the probability by spending or hoarding tokens but to think you will ever conquer it ‘in your favour’ is a fallacy. You can certainly move it closer to you but at the end of the day we are playing gacha

Understanding the logic behind that is one thing, accepting it is another. It took me a long time to accept that.


Been playing for about the same amount of time, and have given up on a 5* red. I just keep training and have my fingers crossed…lol


Hey man, missed your return.

Glad things are more settled and in perspective - I’ve travelled a similar road.

Really pleased for you dude and look forward to reading more of your contributions as and when.


I think each of the opinions/sides presented here are understandable. It is only with both the understanding presented by @Ouch , mixed with the positivity presented by @FrenziedEye that I, personally, am able to so readily enjoy this goofy mish-mash of a Match 3 based hero collection raiding quester of a titan-hunting war game.

P.S. wtt my atomos for your gravemaker. pst.


I completely agree. I to grew frustated and then realized i had no control.

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Same here, after a 3 weeks break, I don’t bother use my energy to fill my chest anymore. I used to do 2 monsters chest and 1 raid chest minimum a day.

I just play some level on Atlantis hard when I like to, have time to and play my raids. It took me 4 days, to open my last Elemental Chest and this is fine.

I finished Atlantis and pull 11 times with the coins to have 2 muggys, 1 should have been enough though. I still don’t expect a lot from the invocations (and nobody should, gacha place), and from my TC20 ( 2.8 % of 5* on 281 pulls, 8 heroes).
I have enough mats for new heroes if I could get the right one someday and no pressure to compete anywhere thanks to the emblems.

But I still enjoy playing raids, wars, titans and some Atlantis levels, I used to be a c2p but I get 0 temptations to buy anything and I haven’t took the time to play a MV for a while now.
Things has changed since I started playing this game, but rng is still out there, and you don’t know if speeding things up really matter… Today for me, it doesn’t for sure :grin:


Nice perspective.
I was about to throw in the towel from be too frustrated when i chose a different way. I had already stopped spending and that helped but in a competitive alliance i felt too stressed and left quietly.
After a month, i started my own solo clan. I kill 1 &2 star titans but dont feel stressed if it goes by unattacked. Rewards are minimal. Last 5 wars we have tied, lol. 3pts for doing nothing.
Ive even dropped to diamond raid so i dont blow a fuse getting bad boards.
Overall the game has become much more enjoyable. Its zero stress, zero expectations on my limited pulls, and i am saving a ton of resources and levelling my stable.
Much happier. Glad i found the sweet spot for me. Usually i drop a game and never look back.


@PapaHeavy I foresee therapeutic communications in your future…maybe…??? I LOVE the encouragement you bring to so many posts ( at least all I’ve read… So far…still reading…will edit if needed later muahahaha :rofl::rofl:)


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