A bit of help for a Newby

Hi @LadyAnesthesia
Please have a look at the preceding post and see what you think please

Hey @Sarge66! Caedmon is a solid hero, and dispels buffs…I used him a lot before I got more 5* heroes. I have Buddy but haven’t used him too much yet, but several of my teammates love him and use him a lot.

I would like to see what @RandaPandah has to say, as I read a lot of her posts and she is very in-depth with great advice about teams and heroes.

I do try to keep in mind, on defense for raids you are relying on AI, and it will always fire your heroes specials from left to right, so place any with de-buffs or increased attack for your team etc. to the far left.

I love Cyprian, but then I am partial to the counter-attackers lol. Tiburtus, with his defense-down is also useful…as you grow and develop your teams you will learn which heroes compliment each other, and in which positions they are most effective.

I also try not to place a hero that affects nearby allies in the corner, so they can have the effect on two others instead of just one.


Alright awesome; seeing your progress on your heroes helps me help you a lot easier, especially because you don’t want to start on a completely new project until you’ve at least finished your current hero to max on the tier they’re currently on. That way, they’re at their best, and become more useful on both offense and defense.

As for how I’d go about leveling now, I’d still continue working on those 4*. I wouldn’t even start on 5* until you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to take them to 80, or you run out of other heroes to work on in that color.

On-color feeding gives the most exp per feeder, so I’d always work on one hero in each color at a time until they’re maxed, or at the mat wall. I wouldn’t ascend a hero unless you plan on finishing them off to max on that level, to ensure their stats are at their best.

Also, I see quite a few dupes. Honestly, I would keep dupes of all of the amazing heroes, especially healers for war. However, I wouldn’t work on them until you already have plenty of unique heroes leveled first, since they will give your more variety for class quests, events, raids, war, etc.

Also, I would keep the solid 3* I list below (if you haven’t already). They will be fast and cheap to level, and will help round out your roster for war and color-stacking, and allow you to be able to participate in the beginner tier of the challenge events for a free flask.


Red: Colen is already at max level on this ascension he’s on, so he’ll be nice for his higher attack stat and defensive purposes. Honestly though, I’d get working on Boldtusk and use the unfarmable mats on him. He’s more versatile, so you’ll use them more often, and his buff is incredible for every part of the game. Colen is good, but Boldtusk is much better. So, if you’re hurting on mats, I’d spend them wisely for right now. Eventually, you’ll be swimming in 3* mats (and needing 4* ones instead), but while you’re short on them, I’d ascend the most versatile heroes first. Gormek is nice for his defense down ability, but gets outshined by Wilbur who will be appearing in Atlantis. If you plan on making several pulls then, and happen to pull Wilbur, I would start work on him next. If you don’t, then I’d get Gormek maxed after Boldtusk. You’ll eventually want all of the defense down heroes leveled for Titans and events, and all of the healer/attack buffers for that as well. After those guys are maxed, then you could go ahead and max Colen for his DOT. Kelile would come after for her fast mana snipe hit (4*). Then comes the 3*: Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar, Rudolph and Namahage (3*).

Blue: Isarnia is at 60 anyway, so honestly I’d leave her there for awhile. Boril is at second tier, but I don’t value riposte all that much, so I’d be more inclined to have you level Grimm. He is the best of the pulverizers, with a crazy high attack stat, and he works well paired with Boldtusk. He will help you much more than Boril, so I’d have you max him first, as your first blue. Afterward, I’d get Kiril in the works for that heal and dragon banner, which also works well everywhere. Then, you could go back to Boril to get him ready. After that’s finished, Id work on any good 3* blues you have: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar and Gato (3*). After you have a few maxed in 3* and 4*, then you could do Isarnia. Her defense down ability is better than Grimm’s, but she won’t be nearly as useful until she hits 4T. Grimm will be your go to until then (5*).

Green: Buddy is already at 3T, so I’d go ahead and max him first. Defense and attack down + minions, he’s a pretty solid 4*. After he’s done, then I’d start on Caedmon for a fast dispel and hit. Dispel is very important, so I’d be sure to get him in the works as soon as Buddy is done. Then, Little John is nice for his high attack stat (so great on blue Titans) and lowered mana gen, so he’d come next (4*). Berden is a solid 3*, so I’d finish him off to 50 after, and keep Belith, Brienne and Mnesseus (3*).

Yellow: Chao is fast and cuts mana, so I’d keep with him til he’s maxed. Li Xiu for mana cut on all. I think I mentioned this before, but if you happen to pull Wu Kong, move him to the front of the line for that tile buff; it’s key for solid titan hits and helps with events as well (4*). After that, I’d get a few 3* done, then you could finish off Onatel. Though, since mana control is super crucial for completing some things in game, and since she’s your only one, I’d actually have you start her after Chao (and Wu if you pull him) (5*). Bane is a good hero, so I’d keep him, and Gan Ju, Kailani, and Melia (3*).

Purple: First, I’d get Rigard maxed since he’s already in 3T- that cleanse and heal are amazing. After, I’d do Tiburtus for a defense down in purple, much more useful than riposte. After that, I’d do Sabina for her deep heal and dispel, especially since you’ll want 6-12 healers for war. Then, you could do Cyprian, but I’d wait to do him last (4*). Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra (3*).

Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, always feel free to ask :blush:


Oops, forgot to list my team suggestions. :sweat_smile:

For offense, until you get more selection, I’d be using your strongest heroes. Once you have a few more heroes to choose from in each color, I would customize your team to best counter your opponent. Bring dispellers if there are troublesome buffs, a cleanser for any DOTs, or you could bring someone like Kiril if there’s anyone who lowers defense and/or attack.

It’s impossible to know which heroes will work best without knowing exactly who you’re facing, but a good rule of thumb is to have one to two healers, and three to four offensive heroes. Defense down + attack up works well together. Mana controllers are always a nice touch too; controlling the mana = controlling the game.

Stacking the strong color vs the tank helps when you’re trying to push above your pay-grade. For your first stack, I would only suggest doing 2-1-1-1 until you get the hang of it, then you could bump it up to 3-1-1 or 3-2. It took me about a month to get used to color-stacking, and it isn’t for everyone, but once you figure out how to use it- it’s an amazing strategy.

For Titans, I would always use as many strong colors vs the Titan as you can, and filling the rest of the spots with neutral colors. The best lineup for Titans is:

Healer/Attack Buffer (Boldtusk/Kiril/Gadeirus)
Elemental Defense Down (Falcon, Jackal, Evelyn, Arthur and Panther)
Defense Down (Grimm, Wilbur, Gormek, Tiburtus, Buddy, Isarnia, Athena)
Strong Color with the Highest Attack Stat (Titans are all about tile damage)
Tile Buffer (Wu Kong/Tarlak)

Since you don’t have any tile buffers, I’d use Boldtusk or Kiril for their attack buffs for now. Fill in another slot with one of your defense down heroes (preferrably one that’s strong vs the Titan, if not, then neutral), then the other three with strong/neutral heroes.

For defense, I’d use (now):


But that will change once you get to leveling. Don’t like running averages in the wings- fast and very fast work best there. Cleanses, dispels, attack ups and defense downs should always be on the left. Al moves from left to right on defense.

Eventual Defense Team:


Could put Cyprian in instead of Tiburtus if you decide to go that route. Boldtusk makes an excellent tank, and should go off at least once to give Tibs and attack buff before he lowers their defense (hopefully) and if not, Grimm will. Grimm has a higher attack stat, so wanna be sure he gets BT buff before going off. Caedmon on the left to dispel any problematic buffs first (like counterattack), and with his fast mana, he should go off just fine- same with Chao.


I agree completely with @RandaPandah’s advice., and couldn’t have explained it any better


@RandaPandah these thoughts are excellent and after doing more reading, getting my ■■■ kicked royally by 4* teams in raids (atm Isarnia hardly gets a shot-off before she is killed :no_good_man: so I am going to bench her once Grimm is up and running - unless I can find some warm capes from somewhere) so hopefully Grimm is more robust. I am also finding Colen gets killed off pretty quick especially fighting 200-400 points above my team score so I am taking your advice and pouring red recruits into Boldtusk.
I was thinking as a relative Newbie initially, I was better off totally focusing on my best leveled up team I had and poured all resource into them - wars and raids are teaching me that I need a suite of Heroes, not just one team.
Since last night (I did a 10 pull on Nature element today) and have picked up Skittleskull, Melendor & Kashrek
:smirk:. I feel this gives me some real good Nature heroes to work with. I took your advice and so far since yesterday have Caedmon at 1/26 with Buddy @ 3/7.
A couple of questions though - I don’t mind Boril (I guess that comes from struggling against him in Raids) - does a ‘buff’ remover get rid of Riposte? If not what is your opinion on how best to combat it and which heroes?
Secondly I have really fallen in love with Onatel - she is once you have charged her once and used her skill very quick to recharge mana. She is also a great ‘tank’ and even at the level I have her takes a beating. Against a ‘purple Titan’ should I forgo Rigard and bring in Chao for his quick mana and also that Onatel gives him 4% health for 6 turns? If though I use Grimm instead of Isarnia I really should run Li Xiu as I think you need at least one AOE in the team not just attacking snipers and either Boldtusk or Kashrek as my healers.
Again taking all your thoughts on board and trying to see what and who works with who - I must say though that Onatel is pretty much in my thought process as her powers are pretty awesome
Again please correct me or offer better solutions

@LadyAnesthesia please throw in your opinions too

Thanks again to you both as I try and wrap my head around tactics :sunglasses:

Even thō you were not looking at my stable of heroes, I was able to understand/learn sooo much from these discussions. Thank you for the wonderful advice, I think I’m doing alright now. Lol. The decisions I’ve made are mostly backed up by what I’ve seen here. So…
Thank you!


@TijaraTaj I’m glad it helped - I find this forum both helpful but because there is so much info here sometimes can be a bit confusing.
Guess what I have learnt is people like @RandaPandah and @Kerridoc are extremely generous with their time and offer genuine solutions. I have taken what they have said used it and then morphed it as I progress and adapt it to what I enjoy in the game.
Hardest part is the patience - patience to Level up that hero you desperately want to be good , patience on testing your team on Titans and patience in working out what heroes to play at what time in AW
I hope you are enjoying and as I said I lent on the two people above and asked even simple questions of them
:smile: Sarge


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