A bit of guidance please

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I suggest the same as @Silencio and definitely agree with 3* heroes and you’ll need to start farming and building up your “kingdom” and stronghold if you want to progress further…imho

Here’s a few other suggestions (from the links below) that will help you along and as you’re playing:

  1. This link is very useful for new players and provided by a veteran player (@NPNKY) based on experiences and lessons learned:
  1. This link is provided by a relatively new player based on recent experiences and lessons learned (thanks @Saros)
  1. Also, if you haven’t already seen the list of player guides, the link below (courtesy of @Rook) will take you there (these guides are important to help with understanding different aspects and rules of the game):
  1. E&P gaming is also about discovering and understanding a special way to communicate by using special words and expressions (the Jargon) that’s universally recognized by the E&P community.
    This can make gameplay easier to learn, thus your progress more effective and efficient, especially since this is game-specific language (the Jargon), yet its recognized and used by all players worldwide.
    The Jargon may look unfamiliar and strange at first, but it’s easily adapted and will become part of how you can easily communicate with others players, the E&P community forum, and ultimately within an alliance. Here’s the link (thanks @JonahTheBard )
  1. And finally, if you get tired of reading (:joy:) the wealth of information, here’s a link to a series of YouTube videos compliments of @NittanyLionRoar and are very informative:

Best of Luck and happy gaming!

Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face: