A bit of guidance please

Hi Everybody, I’m new to the game. I have a couple of 3* and 4* heroes. Any suggestions on who to focus on? I would appreciate any input


Welcome, Gocalek.

If you’re new in this game, focus first on the 3* heroes, as probably you don’t have the mats for the 4*.

I’d max Melendor and his costume, of course, but make sure you’ve got the resources to take him to the last level.

Regarding 3*, I’d recommend you to finish Hawkmoon, Tyrum and Nashgar.


I think you are doing it as I would out of your hero selection, so complete the ones you have started:

Melendor (even if you can’t take him all the way right now), Gunnar, Hawkmoon, Tyrum and Kailani.

This will give you most leveling for your feeders by doing one of each color.

When Hawkmoon done then Nashgar.


Hi @Gocalek

And Welcome to Empires and Puzzles (E&P) and the E&P community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest the same as @Silencio and definitely agree with 3* heroes and you’ll need to start farming and building up your “kingdom” and stronghold if you want to progress further…imho

Here’s a few other suggestions (from the links below) that will help you along and as you’re playing:

  1. This link is very useful for new players and provided by a veteran player (@NPNKY) based on experiences and lessons learned:
  1. This link is provided by a relatively new player based on recent experiences and lessons learned (thanks @Saros)
  1. Also, if you haven’t already seen the list of player guides, the link below (courtesy of @Rook) will take you there (these guides are important to help with understanding different aspects and rules of the game):
  1. E&P gaming is also about discovering and understanding a special way to communicate by using special words and expressions (the Jargon) that’s universally recognized by the E&P community.
    This can make gameplay easier to learn, thus your progress more effective and efficient, especially since this is game-specific language (the Jargon), yet its recognized and used by all players worldwide.
    The Jargon may look unfamiliar and strange at first, but it’s easily adapted and will become part of how you can easily communicate with others players, the E&P community forum, and ultimately within an alliance. Here’s the link (thanks @JonahTheBard )
  1. And finally, if you get tired of reading (:joy:) the wealth of information, here’s a link to a series of YouTube videos compliments of @NittanyLionRoar and are very informative:

Best of Luck and happy gaming!

Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face:


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military:, dear @Kerrang for a post of unparallelled helpfulness.


Just a word of advice - it’s good to save your emblems for now. Those will do you little good on 3* heroes - basically won’t make the difference. Best save them for your 4*. If you are going to be a F2P player, it’s best to give your emblems to the most worthy 4*.

Other stuff I want to say I have already written, @Kerrang has given you the link. As well as other useful links. Only thing I will add to that - check Youtube! There is a guy that recently started making these great videos with his newly-created side account. He goes by the nickname Bacilu E&P, look at his videos, you will learn a lot. He’s shown how to beat rare quests with 3* heroes. Sadly, he uses Frosty which is hard to get. But you have 4* so you will manage.

Edit: Looking at your roster, speaking from personal experience with side accounts: Skitleskull is weak, not worth ascending IMO, at least not until you’re swimming in ascension mats. Won’t be very useful I think. An-Windr - same issue. Not a sniper, special literally doing nothing at least for me. I don’t know who comes up with these stupid hero ideas but he’s way too underpowered. On the other side, you have Tyrum which could be your purple 3* in the rainbow team you need in the beginning. Dawa may look disappointing, but she actually has the best attack value amongst the S1 yellow 3* which makes her probably the best for color stacking vs titans. Otherwise she’s way underpowered but you don’t have a lot of other options at the moment so when you finish Kailani, you may start on Dawa with your yellow feeders. I personally am not so disappointed with her, then again, I use her only for titan hits and nothing else.

If you want to go for some extra 3* and higher, I do not recommend Training Camp level 12 or 13. Go straight for TC 20, slower as it may seem, it’s better. There are plenty of free pulls from portals you can make with these heroes. Also it’s good to make a go for S1 Province 15 so you can unlock Atlantis Province 1 Map 2 for backpack farming when Atlantis Rises event begins. For that you only need a fully leveled rainbow team of any 3* or 3/60 4*.


Thank You soooooo much Guys. I never expected this much help. All priceless.


This post is a gift to all SGG E&P players @Kerrang

At all levels of play this is a treasure trove,
albeit the focus is beginner E&P players there is such enrichment embedded in your post for any player here.
Much gratitude for your efforts and your time!

The MASTER LINK has my attention. I am sure there are important points for me in those links. Also the link about E&P language which I can further benefit from. Among many of those LINKS which stand out to me to look into over the upcoming weekend.

@Kerrang You are a quality leader. :star:

Here you have provided us with an extensive collection of experience and experience is a metal valued of highest quality. It is armor.

I think I will begin with the link discussing how to enhance our status without alot of money poured out of our pockets… lol

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@Gocalek welcome to the forum
I’ve read through responses as of Friday morning, March 19 at ~2am.

Each response has advice which will benefit you.
Especially take time at the links from @Kerrang
Amazing detail and insight to E&P by SGG within those links. lol so much so I too will be visiting many of those links this weekend myself.

As others expressed in their responses about your present hero roster, yes level up the 5 colors.
First. One hero of each color. For now seems your best PATH.

I would suggest consider joining an ALLIANCE if you haven’t. There is great benefit in the opportunities that you can only gain from such; titan battles and wars. PATH of VALOR rewards ncrease for TITAN and WAR participants. The m8s you will meet there. Their helpfulness, hopefully.
Respect Alliance rules. Use all 6 flags if you join the WAR TEAM and that is there RULE. Fight TITANS if that is there RULE.
Follow the E&P rules.


I noticed posts recommending youtube videos.
Good too. Plug in a HERO into search at YouTube and many players will discuss the hero.
Also you can search there for how to build your DEFENSE TEAM. Etc.

Very helpful tool to you. Go try it out. Come back here and let me know which ones you liked and which helped you. Why not?
Good feedback.

Be patient.
Be respectful of other players.
Enjoy your time in the E&P community.

Train your self well @Gocalek
& enjoy the game!! :star:

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