A bit dissatisfied with the 5 day offer

Don’t get me wrong this one definitely has value in it it’s just that for a 5 day offer especially after Christmas it would be better to make a more expensive offer

My 2 cents


We just had an expensive offer. I’m kinda glad there is something smaller for those of us with light pockets after all that Christmas shopping! :grin:

Maybe next time they can offer both…


I mean like a 50-80 dollar offer that doesn’t focus on ascension items for 1 colour

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I’m underwhelmed by the lack of creativity. Epic troop tokens, oh boy.

I would have loved a “year in review” summons token that for some reasonable price would have given you, guaranteed, one random hero from 2017’s HotM and events.


Tell me about it guys. Pull one 4* (which I already had) rest were all 3*:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I too was excited about the prospect of 4* troops, but got only six 3* guys. :pensive:

Gems will nonetheless come in handy. :blush:

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Seriously, SG. Put up a big Christmas offer tomorrow.

It’s the one day of the year we can convince our wives and husbands that it’s okay to waste absurd amounts of money on a game.