A better way to communicate with alliance members (pinboard)

I’m almost sure that someone else have probably written about this idea.

Were is the pinbord?

It would make communication so much easier when someone is trying to reach out for all members in a alliance.

Not everyone in a alliance has the time to keep up with what’s being written in the alliance chat…

We are tired of spamming the chat in hope of everyone has been notified…

I hope there are many other players that can support my idea here so we can make it happen! :slight_smile:

I agree that there needs to be a better alliance communication strategy.

It would be great if Leaders could send messages to members mailboxes.


My alliance is practically silent. I have plenty of time to read the 3 messages sent in the last 12 hours.

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My alliance uses the Line App. It’s handy and we can add pics, links, notes etc… Maybe you’re alliance can benefit from an outside source?

The fact that we need another app shows the game is lacking.


If you want a chattier alliance, I know of one :wink:

I’m good I found a better one xD thanks tho

What DJQuixo said: The fact that we need another app shows the game is lacking.

I think a static in-game aliiance-only notice board would be great.

Also, when you’re in an active alliance, the Line chat(s) tend to get flooded too. :wink:


(BTW - you should change the title of this suggestion to what you’re suggesting.)

I doubt SG is ever gonna introduce messaging between members. But some way to communicate between alliance members is a must. Maybe extending the description bar thingy so leader and co-leaders can put info out there for everyone to see (“Let this titan go”, “Please use your war hits” etc.).

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The simplest thing I would really welcome is a way to know you have been addressed in the Alliance chat.
Yesterday one of my teammate was in game (probably training heroes or farming) and we had no way to urge him to attack in the war!

Notification should not be received while fighting but only between them.
Also, it should be customizable to get message from: “nobody”, “only Leader/Co-Leader”, “anyone in the Alliance”, “anyone”. (the last one, just in case this mechanism could be extended to global chat)

The use of external application is fine (we use Telegram) but if someone is in game, they’re not looking at other apps!

Looks like someone was faster then me :slight_smile:

I suggested something simular: Popping up banner to get attention from alliance members when chatbox is closed or message in inbox like Gridlock1ooo suggested

Honestly, I never disagreed with op’s point. The game does need a better messaging system. I’d be thrilled if we did. I don’t like using outside sources. But, at this time, that’s all we have to use.

This idea has already been taken into consideration:


You are making a good point. @alcaselzer. ;D

I also agree…because after the Titan board is posted a lot of the chat disappears and what I said to my team earlier is gone. I wish they would not delete the chat until the Leader gets a chance to read it and I decide what gets deleted…

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