A 80% or more fix to Alliance jumper

The way to slow these guys down is make every one carry a "HOW MANY DIFFERENT ALLIANCES HAVE YOU BEEN IN and how long you stayed stat marker including days. The alliance leader then can see, hey this guy jumps in and out a lot around war times. EL BOOTO sorry. Now I know that MAYBE he was looking for a new home BUT if it looks like he jumps in war days NOPE.

Interesting idea. Yeah, I could go for that, but I also like to play devil’s advocate. Maybe it’s a newer player looking for a home and they haven’t found anyplace where they quite “fit”?


@Rohn I like where you are going with this idea but just seeing the numbers “jumps” doesn’t accurately identify whether the person abandons during wars.

I’ve been in 4 alliances, the first was a training alliance I was invited to when I asked a question in game chat.

All the other alliances I’ve been with was either from a friend’s invite or recommendation.

Every alliance is different but if you leave the doors unlocked, it’s on your alliance leaders if the jumpers enter.

Just like joining any other group or organization, my view is the alliance should take a little time to vet any candidates whether from some chat or review of the candidate’s roster.

Sure it adds a little delay and there is the chance they may join another alliance but if they’re that easy to move on, chances are they weren’t going to stay for the long term.

It’s not fail proof as people can change or feelings get hurt… But if people value and appreciate being in the alliance, then I tend to think they will have more consideration towards alliance members.

The only time I would recommend open doors is if you’re needing help killing titans.

I think there is a line chat group for many leaders that tracks jumpers and those who have shown inappropriate behavior. Maybe ask in some line groups to be invited, I’m not in one myself or I’d invite you.

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Being in a lot of alliances is an unfair assessment of one’s character. I’ve been in a dozen alliances this year and have moved for various reasons. Poor fit, different goals or approaches, underpowered, overpowered… It can take quite a while to find someplace you really belong. Add in mercing in between and something like this could show I’ve been 50 places in 8 months. Without context, people would assume the worst. This could potentially damage the reputation of some players for no reason other than they are sociable personalities.

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The problem is that the only information available to those who would be deciding whether to allow a requester entry into their alliance is the petioner’s username, avatar, player level and raid defense team. No other information about them is available as far as I know so any attempt to vet them would be extremely shallow and likely not very informative.

I would never want someone who’s been in 50 alliances this year in my alliance. Whether or not you’re a great player, great person - it’s just too much of a risk. Hard pass.

I’m not clear on what problem this fix is intended to solve. Seems to me that a short conversation in LINE or Discord could be more illuminating.


Because just like the internet - everything on LINE is true. But I don’t like the suggestion because people pop back and forth for all kinds of legit reasons. Many of which (but not all) have been pointed out above.

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I’ve been in alliances that have killed titans in under 8 hours and have used excess flags to help smaller alliances defeat theirs. Technically, each of those flags constitutes joining and subsequently leaving an alliance. I had a few days I was in 4 alliances as a result. I should be considered a flight risk or a hazard to the alliance for maximizing my flahs and helping others?

Kerri you have seen MANY people complaining about people coming in and leaving after war starts and SCREWS the alliance

In my experience, you can’t really learn very much about a person from a short conversation. Only what they’re willing to divulge (or lie about).

Personally I like the (separate thread) idea about restricting new lower level members from entering wars though. I prefer to judge a player’s level of activity and communication over a number of weeks, not a single conversation.

My last alliance, we had a player join who was very chatty early on, and “promised” they would be “the most active player we’ve ever seen”. I think she hit 1 titan in 5 days.

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Yeah, I’m not in favour of jerry-rigging Alliance titan results and stats by ‘helping’ weak alliances defeat titans they otherwise aren’t ready to beat. I think it messes up the game, and judging by the developers efforts to curtail merc’ing, they feel similarly.

That said, you can make your case to alliance leaders and I’m sure many would gladly accept your explanation and welcome you. And if you need to make that case a lot of times, then I kinda feel my point is made, but good on you for playing the game your way. I’m just not a fan of that approach myself.

There is NO FOOL PROOF way to stop it as I said. But at least if they let that person stay AFTER they see that they do jump alot then they will have NO leg to stand on and to complain

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@Anaea most of the top alliances have in the alliance FM a line ID contact if they are interested in joining.
I realize the demand to join lower level alliances has a big drop off but I’d prefer 1/5 people who have interest joining rather than 1/25 in an open alliance.

No one said building an alliance is easy, I don’t envy you.

Recruiting is tough. Some leaders I’ve talked to say just being active in peer support, forums and some of the larger line chat groups is more successful in making friends and getting your name out there for when people decide to change alliances.

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