A 5* hero for each year using E&P

We all are reading a lot of rants about evolution in the app right now; that comes either from people finding unfair heroes yet to arrive or finding no luck with summons.

Despite, devs seem to care a lot about balance in the app and I can see economical reasons for that. I do keep in mind this game can only survive if everyone is getting some fun and devs are able to win some bread.

Thus, I’ve come to believe this proposal may help out both sides, giving people what the really want (=fun, fulfillment) and devs a chance to maintain balance without needing to nerf, revise, bothering people spending money.

Here’s my point.

In many apps you get a prize for every year you spend using the app. I think if E&P adopted this feature, a lot more enthusiasm could come back.

I can see once a year the chance for everyone to get that sole special hero they dream of. Like getting him-her directly from some special section you only get to choose from in that only occasion.

This may lead to some great advantages for everyone:

1 people are very likely to stay in the app for long time, for like four years spent mean four best heroes collected

2 nobody would worry too much for lacking of luck in summons: what they care for may come with patience

3 balance would come more easily, for if a hero seems to be OP, lots of users in time are opting to get him; if everyone’s going then to have him, balance would be on order already

4 big spenders wouldn’t stop giving money, for it’d be a single hero per year, but at the end of the day the app wouldn’t look that unfriendly all over

To me this is a win-win option. I do hope someone’s going to consider this silly improvement as a sustainable feature.

Thanks for reading to everyone coming to this point.

Great idea. But it has been proposed before in so many variation and deviation. I am in support of this but realistically, I am not holding my breath. Small Giants don’t even listen. Still casting my vote just for Pete’s sake.

Thanks for your time and effort to share your idea. It would be such a nice thing.

I don’t see it happening, but gotta try at least?


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