A+ 14* Titan

I know some are probably curious about loot and such on the higher Titans. We just beat a 14* today, here is my experience:

4 Flasks
18ish time stops
5-6 Tornadoes
Countless baby Mana vials
Handful of revive scrolls

One awesome hit around 75k using only 1 time stop and 4 Mana vials

Crap loot but hey, I beat a 14* at an A+ and am currently leader in the number 1 alliance :smiley:


Considering the hours into farming, the resources to craft what was needed, how rare those dragon bones are, I won’t likely go all out like this again :slight_smile:


Oh and team used:

A few asked after that 75k hit :slight_smile:


That’s some achievement! Congrats.

the truth that is an insult are the same prizes that I receive for the chests, even the titans of 5 give better prizes


Oh I agree. I won’t do it again.

Thanks ! (Twenty Cha)

Congrats, that is awesome.

Looks like 3 ascension item rolls.

A long time ago, they definitively nerfed titan loot when they added 4* items to rare quests ( based on Mai’s original titan loot & original 3* only, no 4*, rare quests ).

It will be interesting to see what the loot is for 14* rare titans .

Seems like they are combining 4* rare quest loot with current titan loot on rare titans.

Does not sound like 100% 4* on rare titans based on Dev notes.

We just killed our first 14* and our A+, Rancid Plague, got a scope. I’ve noticed better loot myself and across crystal palace on these higher level titans. Across the last 7 titans, I’ve received 9 3* mats and 1 4* while getting mostly Cs.


A+ Tier XII and got a sturdy shield, which I need badly. Nothing else. Oh well

Gotta say that so far the new titans 13* and 14* simply are not worth it. The item drops are just as scant as the lower level titans and the item use jump is tremendous. So far out of 29 people we have gotten 3 compass, 1 Telescope and 3 warm cloaks, 1 Trap tool for ascension items on our 14 star. No one who scored in A or A+ got anything of note unless you count a troop token then we got 1. Again, not worth the cost. I’d much rather have the items I used to kill the titan back. Crystal Palace


Anyone open a support ticket to ask about evaluating 13* and 14* tier drop rates?

So basically you get the same loot you get beating a 10*, burn through more mats to do it and the only extra benefit is you get to flaunt your epeen for beating a 14*…doesn’t seem worth it to me…:joy::joy::joy:


Epeen is always worth it. :joy:

To the OP and other 14* Titan killers:
I brought up the discussion elsewhere. What would it take for these to be worth it?
Seems like the ascension mat rate is higher… But from what I read, you guys already have more than enough 3* mats.
Is it just looking for the reimbursement of crafting materials and flasks?
Maybe these 14* are designed not to be sustainable.

So over 3million iron in time stops/tornadoes, and maybe few hundred thousand in other battle related items?

I’ve been mostly B (with one A and one C) on the “new” titans (11-14s) and I’ve received 7 non-farmables (one 4 * tonic the rest were 3s) from 7 titans. Last 14 we had 4-5 4* items from what people spoke up about. lots of 3 star items.

We can definitely get off a good run of 14s if we wanted and scheduled out our flasks accordingly, though not currently sustainable indefinitely like 10s were. We’ve only had some of the harder 14s (i.e. blue with no green debuffer and yellow with not a lot of Panthers other than Jim who was 14)…want to see how we do on the Purple and Green when the entire alliance has jackal and falcon.

Viv, did you see our f** unicorn? it’s just tin. I have no iron jet :sob::sob::sob:

I haven’t! Show me ?



Good luck! Hope the loot is fab!

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Yes, as always crap :))
Thanks :slight_smile:

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