90's are back: Survival mode!

The concept is really simple and pick up the idea on the old survival games.

  • An infinite quest with infinite stages.

  • Every stage has 3 opponents.

  • Stages spam in the same order everytime

  • All your deck take part on the event, but only one hero at the time.

  • You decide at the start wich order the heroes get to the field (everytime 1 hero die, the next one take place)

  • You can’t switch the order once you began

  • You have 3 attempts to reach your higher level

  • Attempt end when all your heroes dies

  • Rewards scaling basing on the level (defeat lv 10 = reward, defeat lv 20 = reward and so on…)

  • A top chart will show the best in the event (only cosmetic)

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