9* Titans with 2 700 000 HP?

I think our titan lost the star. Normally 9 * titanium has about 1 650k, and ours has 2 700k, is it a mistake?

What??! 1650k? We just slayed a 8* with 2200k!! I Think 2700 is normal for 9*!

Please give us a 9* with 1650!!! Lol

Was the 1600 a typo, did you mean 2.6m?

There are multiple ranges of HP certainly at 10*; I haven’t tracked it well enough on other titans to really know but there may be variation there too.

That said 2.7M sounds right for a 9*, maybe a bit towards the high end if there is a range; lowest 10* I’ve seen in 1.9 was 2.86M

To show you the variation I’m talking about, this is from Departed’s titans for 1.9 (since all the titan HP changed somewhat with this release):

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Maybe it’s my mistake. I checked the HP value on the page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19fcmMLrBiXLt0rhnUXE68ONZIPorWS5qUXdKCm-0br4/edit#gid=1096169998

In this file it is written that Onyx Dragon 9 * = 1 635 000 HP

Yeah that would be a mistake in that sheet.

I’m not sure who is maintaining that spreadsheet, it is the first time I’ve seen it even if some information has been pulled from the forums and integrated into it.

Also, a lot of the data I see in that is frankly old: Titan stats have changed at least twice since I started playing in 1.5 and they assuredly did in 1.9 with the defense changes (the 3.36M Emperor is completely gone now for example). I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in it, think @Rook was the one historically tracking Titan HP.

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I asked a bunch of players for data a while back for 1.9 but never posted it. (Oops!)

My interest was the HP (hit points) spread in each star Tier. The colors are represented by their first letters (R = red, etc). It’s a bit choppy, but here goes:

V1.9 TITAN HP (12/2017)

  • 1* = 88,000 (G/R), 110,000 (P/R), 132,000 (R/Y), 154,000 (B/P)
  • 2* = 220,000 (Y), 242,000 (Y), 264,000 (B), 286,000 (P.), 308,000 (B)
  • 3* = 396,000 (P.), 440,000 (G/R/Y), 462,000 (R.)
  • 4* = 616,000 (B), 660,000 (R.), 792,000 (R.)
  • 5* = 880,000 (G), 902,000 (P.), 946,000 (Y), 968,000 (R.), 1,056,000 (B/R/P), 1,100,000 (R.)
  • 6* = 1,232,000 (B), 1,254,000 (G), 1,298,000 (P.), 1,320,000 (G), 1,430,000 (G/Y)
  • 7* = 1,540,000 (B/R), 1,606,000 (G/Y), 1,782,000 (G), 1,804,000 (G)
  • 8* = 1,936,000 (Y), 1,980,000 (P.), 2,024,000 (Y), 2,068,000 (R.), 2,112,000 (P.), 2,156,000 (G/P)
  • 9* = 2,234,000 (B), 2,376,000 (P.), 2,706,000 (G)
  • 10* = 2,970,000 (R.), 3,058,000 (P.), 3,234,000 (P/R/Y)

Players from the game and Forum communities who participated in getting data:
Lady Stormrider
Lobo (Corten44)
Mustang Mel
Nirk (Tia)

*Not on forum


Interesting, today we have a Volcanic Dragon 10* with only 2.860.000 HP. We haven’t got a 10* with 3 mio+. Do they raise in HP when more of same level is defeated?

There is a range. At the time I collected data, there weren’t enough 9* or 10* being reported to me, so my data suffers there.

Yes, you will see higher HP numbers as you continue to defeat your titans.

Hey @Rook, I see for 6* you dont have a blue up there. Just wanted to add that we are on a Glacial Mammoth with 1,232,000 HP.

Screenshot, and I’m happy to add it :blush:

I may move the list to its own thread to make it easier to find.

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@Rook, here ya go.

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Added. :blush:

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Yeah it fluctuates. On the alt pretty consistently we went from low to high then back to low on escape repeat.

The main I’m not entirely sure what’s going on as we move down somewhat often even in Departed. I think my theory is still there’s a chance on a win to move up, stay same, or go down same as any titan level (appears to be a range within 9’s too) and the move up is off the table at 3.234M.

Sort of want to try to find a pattern in this mess but would need a lot better data than even what Rook has so far for HP at various levels. Alt is probably moving back to 9’s and even 8’s so maybe can start collecting some.

Small sample on a screenshot I made yesterday to illustrate:


Hrm actually this is interesting.

Looking at the 7DH data and they had a progression in HP on every single titan including when they stayed at the same star level for titans.

Going to need to do more analysis


@Rook, 9* green for you:

Yeah think going to go full on geek mode on this one.

I integrated Hunting’s data with Departed’s titans for HP values, and got 6 discrete levels on Krakens and it’s likely possible the others match similarly though Onyx/Emp may be somewhat off… need more data clearly.

Check this out though:

10* Kraken HP Increase from Prior
3234000 66000 = 3 x 22000
3168000 44000 = 2 x 22000
3124000 66000 = 3 x 22000
3058000 88000 = 4 x 22000
2970000 110000 = 5 x 22000
2860000 Increase from top known 9*: 154000 = 7 x 22000

9* Mish mash of titans:
Increase from Prior
2706000 44000 Where have we seen this before, all multiples of 22k again
2662000 44000
2618000 44000
2574000 66000
2508000 44000

Random spreadsheet that I’m working off of:

Yeah I want to fill this in and extend the analysis :slight_smile:


And on closer inspection, all the HP values I checked are evenly divisible by 22000; hence the intervals being a multiple of that number too haha.


Added. I’m going to give my data to @Revelate, since his collection is more complete.

Thanks everyone for providing data; please now give it to Revelate in the ongoing process. :blush:


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