8th Place! (Again!)—2nd Ninja Tower (1,628,228 Points Walkthrough)

There is something to be said for consistency, I finished 8th in the Ninja Tower after initially placing 6th after floor 50 at about the same time I did in the last tower. At about the same time I got bumped to 7th and then again 8th.

It was an intense Deja Vu. Anyway here is the new walk-through video that was +62K better than the last Tower.

I appreciate all of you that indicated that the last walk-through helped you.


Great job once again!
In your video you say maybe you could get an extra 20-30k. What change/hero/strategy would most help you?
Do you want a different hero in your lineup? Do you just want to level up Rat fully? Do you plan on putting more emblems on these heroes?

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The extra 20-30K can be had with the teams and choices I have in this video with just better game play.

There was that much left unearned on boards that I should have bailed on as they were not performing on the highest level. The first 19 boards need to be over 20K. I had 4 that were not and one was particularly weak.

Boards 2-24 need to be over 35K and I had 5 that were not.
The rest need to be over 40K )maybe even 43K) and I had 2 that were not (9 if you target 43K).

The only hero that I would like to have that I do not have is Master Lepus, but I already have 98 EHT saved waiting for that chance. I should have a huge pile by Springvale.

Ratatoskr might get the final ascension just yet… he keeps getting passed by … Francine, Frigg, Mother North, Alberich, and others. Rat does so well at 3/70. He’ll get there.

Bertila will most likely jump ahead of him too.

Lastly, I have almost 3X Ninja troops in each element. Sadly I only have 1 for Nature which is the team that I use most for the Tower. Such is life.

I watched your last Video and pretty much only used 3 different colored teams. Yellow/Red/Crappy blue and finished exactly at 200. Only used tornados/bombs/dragon attacks/axes/mana pots. I was pretty happy with that finish. Thanks for the vid

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Excellent finish. Glad the videos help!

Watched earlier I got to level 30 I think I could get higher but clearing it is far away, I did change my style from your first video, I get its not for everyone In a way that’s good.
Also bertila will def fit in your green team very well from seeing your event videos, played with her in beta you might want 2 haha :joy:

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Thanks … she is on my “to do” list when she come out :wink:

@JekylandHyde Do you mind if I write down and post your scores/times for each level as a resource for everyone to use to know how they’re doing along the way compared to top players?

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I appreciate you asking. That is completely fine. In fact, in another thread on here I posted a video about how to get into the top 100 and included points per level goals.

You are welcome to copy down my times form both towers although 2nd is probably most applicable as all scores went up quite a bit form the first tower.

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Ah I had not watch that video yet.
Here are the recommended scores:
Levels 1-9: 20K
Levels 10-19: 21K
Levels 20-34: 35K
Levels 35-50: 43K

Looking at my scores I can waste some cheap items (arrows, axes, minor mana pots) on the early levels to move through more quickly.

Thank you for the videos!

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Happy to help! Let me know how much you improve in the next tower.

@JekylandHyde - I just came across this. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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You are welcome. I also have the video up form 8th place in the first tower. Happy gaming!

Oh, and you might find this one helpful:

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