876,615 Point Normal (Floors 1–25) MAGIC TOWER

This was pretty sloppy for the first 10 floors, but not a terrible pace:

876,615 Point Normal (Floors 1–25) MAGIC TOWER


Thanks for sharing this :blush::ok_hand:

How did you prioritize your blessings? :slightly_smiling_face:


What is the purpose of this video if you cut out blessings and chest content? Flexing on using bought OP heroes and tons of artifacts? I would like to see event done whole without items, that would be something worth flexing.


Really? So because it dosen’t favour your roster it’s a bad video… :grin:

Here is we can see the final blessing (before fighting Normal lvl 25) option from him…

Nice share… that’s huge battle items used…


I typically go for mana and attack generation. I avoid most blessing over 5 moves as I hope to never make that many moves! haha.

The rare blessings I went for both 50% mana for all heroes on the boss stage.

I avoid minions as they slow everything down. They are great for those that want to complete, but terrible for those that want to compete.

Without better options, I will go for health/defense. I also avoid healing as I most likely will not be using heroes.

Yes, and I would like to see Olympic runners without shoes, race car driver’s without tires and a military without weapons.

If one is interested in competing, it makes sense to use the best available resources. The blessings are there. They contents of the chest have nothing to do with points earned.

The intended audience understands how to use this video. I got to where I am with competing by watching others and I give back by showing how I make my scores.

Those that play for free/cheap and hassle those that pay do not understand how they are able to play for free/cheap. As I often say, the comment here says must more about the poster than it does about me.

Thank you for pointing out what some seem to not see! I would still enjoy understanding how chest contents contribute to the points earned?! :slight_smile: I suppose it is worth noting that I also failed to show the emblem path on each hero and their final stats.

Thanks. It is weapons heavy but with the farming I do, I tend to have plenty of weapons—at least forge-level weapons. The lodge weapons can get dicey at times as they are split with Mythic Titans.

Hope your event is going well!


Jeff, thanks for your recent content on this tower and don’t mind the trolls. It goes to shows what kind of resources, strategy and heroes are needed to compete for the top spots.

If you already managed to finish the impossible levels: do you think they are worth the effort from a complete (not compete) perspective? I hear there’s no final chest, but only the rewards per level completion. Is it true?

I have only completed 10 levels of impossible. In those levels I have received 32 emblems and 23 tower coins. I have not followed the “usual” loot per floor.

As one who completes, I am finding it rather lame. I did the first 10 floors with the same heroes, hitting the same buttons in basically the same order and got great scores regardless of the condition of the opening board. It is just resource heavy … so …

To me, it is just a place to use hard-to-get weapons to earn more -not-as-hard-to get emblems.

Thank you for sharing the vid.
What is your opinion about the need to buy flasks to complete the event?
Its by no means a fortune compared to the gems needed for pulling a decent hero, but is it a smart move of SG to introduce a kind of play to play ?

Good luck for the last stages

I am holding out hope that they give enough flags to complete on the last day. If not, then it is one of the worst decisions I have seen SG make for the player base—the equivalent of a middle finger.