86k gems, 300 atlantis summons!

Right! Ive set myself a target. Im gonna save up 86k gems and do 300 pulls on an atlantis sometime in the future

Im gonna do live feeds leading up to it with gem giveaways to viewers!
Heres the link


I will post on here 10 mins before my every live, usually war time or titan hits leading up to the big 300 summon!

Become a member free to titanmafia.com they have tips, tricks and amazing giveaways! I even won one! Follow @Razor for more!

My alliance is Go Rin No Sho and my name is VIVE of the FIVE


Woot woot I wish you the best of luck! Donations and pulls

Yeah RaZor rocks =)


@WeirdBudgie50230 what do you think of this hun?

I like the rhyming name player name! Thanks for the recommend - that was kind of you!

VIVE of the FIVE

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Thanks man, if there’s any way i can help let me know man

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300 summons ought to get you the special heroes, are Ariel & Poseidon dropping this time or is that 2 times from now?

Ive only got 10k saved thus far, it will be the first atlantis when ive drawn uo the gems, unless theyre terrible heros ofc haha

The excitement of 300 pulls at once will be fun, but it is worth noting for your own sake that you’d be better off spreading those pulls across multiple Atlantis cycles so you don’t miss out on the Bonus Ascension Chests, and are less likely to end up with a lot of duplicate featured heroes.


This is a thread for people to follow my journey to the big 300 summon, like i said i will endeavour to give some away in the process, but youve gotta watch the live for that :wink:

That is noted… for everyone i will stop the summons if i reach most specials fof that specific atlantis event, and contiue it at a better date :slight_smile:

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However if it takes 300 summons to get the majority then you’ll have a very hilarious watch haha

You may want to invest in a stress ball or a punching bag before the big day lol.


:rofl: definatly a wise investment

Going live in 5 minutes, come watch a titan attack a few raids and world farming. Follow this link to see the live feed and my mug :rofl:


Nice war with 30 maxed Poseidons :rofl:

If you can get the 240 orbs and 180 darts, then so be it. :laughing:


:rofl: not a chance haha

Was a good live, got 59k against a rare ancient tiger titan

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Hey guys,
So I’ve created a fan group on Facebook where you can share your summons advertise your alliances and take part in giveaways!
Everyone is welcome regardless of location :smiley: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2215240125165861/?ref=share

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