⚔ 8* Titans w only 21 players!



Imagine what we could do with a full roster of like-minded players!

:earth_africa: East of the Equator :earth_americas:

Good sense of humor & teamwork required!

Serious about the game without losing our love of it!

  • A newer team with surprisingly deep game knowledge
  • We’re competitive, but not “set your alarm for 3am” competitive

Alliance rules:

  • Invite only, Minimum 1400 cups, 2000 Preferred
  • Hit the titan daily & as often as possible
  • Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars
  • 3 days away & no contact = boot
  • Keep levelling & growing your team
  • Must join Discord

Interested? Join our discord and we can get to know each other:
Discord.gg/XUsmQmg (case sensitive)

(:scream: Sorry but applying directly in game will result in rejection – a quick chat with us on Discord is required to be accepted: We are looking for the right fit & You don’t want to waste your time joining the wrong alliance)

:thinking: Don’t know what Discord is? Need assistance accessing it? Let us know, we are happy to help!


Our clan can’t be beat. Come join our fun!


It’s worth it just for queen bee and her running commentary


4 out of 5 war wins recently, against some tough opponents. Think you’ve got the stones to keep up and get decent loot?
Talk to us on Discord; dscord.gg/XUsmQmg (case sensitive) and find out if we will be a good match for each other …


Great teamwork and plenty advice thats how we win wars and Smash Titans, looking for like minded folks to join us. If u fot the bill check us out on Discord…

Discord.gg/XUsmQmg (case sensitive)


The other night I was having a nightmare.

I was battling an 8 star blaze dragon and I was alone… then I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream and I wasn’t alone!

The nightmare was that the ■■■■ thing was dead. Oh did I mention we only had 21 members …

We are EoE.

Check in and see if you’re worthy to be east of the equator.