8* Titan hitters looking for one member

Alliance: Sovereign Speakeasy

We are beating 8* Titans, and our only requirement is that you hit them as well. 1400 trophies, but that is negotiable if you can survive the Titans. We are 4-0 in the Alliance Wars so far. 20+ members are active in chat. Some of us use Line to share documents, but that’s not a must.

Open join - tell them Vetinari sent you!

We found someone. Randomly in the world chat. Does this part of the board ever work for anyone?

Has for us. Based on other alliance messages, I’m guessing it works for them too :wink:

Weird. I’ve tried this 3 times and never even got one response. A bunch of views, but no one even asked any questions. I don’t think our situation was unattractive either. Oh well, we’re full up from another method, so no worries here.

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I am looking for a better alliance, mine issnt too bad given my lvl, but was just randomly chosen! I may seem a lil low but fairly new to playing and i bust ■■■ playing everyday, multiple times a day and will get there! Just seeing if there is a good alliance will to take me on!!! Thanks

@Jcook417 You seem like you would fit in well at “A Few Good Heroes” Search for us in game and join for a visit, or to stay :slight_smile:

Ok cool thanks, will do!

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