8 month discovery

8 months in game and I literally found out today, on accident, that you could rename the TEAM slots. lmao you have no idea how many times I accidently left the wrong defense team up to wake up down 200 trophies. I just found this hilarious that I never knew this in all my time of playing. anyone else have any finds that they they felt " derp" about after being in the for a while :slight_smile:


No idea?

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I swear I was trying to scroll on my phone and hit the word team and it lit up and I was like wow this is awesome lol.

I think that is a somewhat new feature… maybe just a couple months old.

Could be totally wrong lol.

I just learned the other day that the moon isn’t stationary in the night sky. Like. This should’ve been obvious I’m sure. But I always thought it just like, stuck in place until the sun came up and then you can’t see it anymore. Or magically was over the other half of the world at that point. Which all sounds insane but Here we are :stuck_out_tongue: never thought about it enough apparently :stuck_out_tongue:


you have given me hope lol

Someone needs to read the update release more often :stuck_out_tongue:


I deserved that I did and I shall lol.

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Team Slots can now be named


Gostaria de saber como selecionar o idioma do forúm.

I think you wanna know how to change it >>> long press the name 'TEAM X"

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yeap adjusted them all. much more organized. very good addition. game has grown so much in the past year

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Me too, i just discovered it recently, after 4 months

was trying to aid @EliteDynamo1
but he asks: “I would like to know how to select the language of the forum.”


Took me a couple months to figure out that you can autoplay levels. Made farming more bearable lol



No falo portugués… pero hablo español, espero que me entienda:

Hay un foro para idiomas extranjeras, espero que le ayude. o7

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Did you also know that you can buy additional team slots from the shop resources page? So you can have different raid line ups and not have to keep switching heroes all the time.

Don’t want to put more salt into the opened wound, but you can also put emoticons there :wink:


did not know this either. thank you for the info that’s awesome

Don’t mention it. It is actually quite handy, at least for me it is, I usually don’t read names, just quickly blink at icon and in a jiffy I know, what team I’ve chosen.

All the ingame emojies :smiley: