8* Ancient Tiger counterattack not debuffed by Sabina or Sonyia - probably caused by Wu


We have had multiple reports of team members failing to debuff the counterattack skill with debuffers. So far it has happened to me with Sabina and several others with Sonyia.

So either this isn’t riposte and can’t be debuffed or may be a bug. It would be harsh if it was the prior.


Maybe you used Wu Kong and hero missed


That is very true - didn’t think of that! and you are probably right. I will watch for it.


Yep, happened to me too and it was due to Wu’s special


Is the mystery solved?

(Leave thread open or close it?) :slight_smile:


In my case yes: after one of my alliance members pointed out it could be due to Wu I checked that anytime the dispell did not work the text “missed” appeared next to the titan


Yes - please close the thread.


The only issue is that Wu’s miss chance is way bigger than 32% even in this case!!!1!
(warning: this message can contain traces of sarcasm)


Well played, sir. Well played.