8-7 nerfed for farming

I’ve got 30 runs’ worth of data on that one. So, I need a bigger sample, but so far it’s been slightly below average for me. I’m with you on the recruits; it certainly gives more of those than average. But the exp/food/iron is obviously lower, and I’ve found it to be about average in terms of ingredients and ascension materials.

So, if you have to play three wep seven times in 7-4 to fill a chest vs eight times in 6-8, I believe there is a point in the player’s game when the recruit-drop moves the farming to 6-8.

Sure, but why 6-8 over 8-7?

8-7 if you’re purely looking for recruits but it has a higher chance of giving common herbs and also less variety of crafting ingredients. 6-8 gives about 1 less recruit but more variety of crafting ingredients, typically not as much useless common herbs too.

My experience was slightly better with recruits, heroes and troops, but have not done a side by side over a long period for awhile.

Also, seemed to drop rugged clothes.

Just me

@DMP @Bud
I actually show 6-8 and 8-7 giving almost exactly the same amount of recruits (9.1 and 9.0, respectively) per attempt.
As for ascension materials and ingredients, I don’t have enough data in most of the provinces to have much confidence, but what I do see mostly supports what the game says. More common herbs and wooden shields (neither of which are very useful) in province 8, and more training manuals and crude iron (the latter of which is actually useful) in province 6. But, I get enough crude iron farming places other than 6-8, that I don’t feel the need to take that into consideration for which level I farm. Recruits are #1 for me right now, and the better exp/food/iron from 8-7 is more valuable for me than the crude iron advantage in 6-8.
As with all of this stuff, YMMV. =-]

Yeah if you need recruits just keep grinding away 8-7. The only reason I’m doing 6-8 is because competing in the Grimmforest event challenge wiped out a lot of my resources so I’m trying to replenish them before Guardians event.