8-7 nerfed for farming

I haven’t tracked enough runs for the numbers to be meaningful, but anecdotally it sure seems like 8-7 is relatively less useful since the last major update than it had been prior. Anyone else noticing the same? Anyone have any suggestions for other good farming levels to grind?

Here’s my contribution to the 8/7 debate. It won’t really help, but it might put a smile on your face :grin:


I’ve noticed the same. I’ve started farming 7-4 more.

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Yeah, ditto. Lots of monsters for quick Wanted Chest completion, at least. The recruit count is no good though… =-[

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I start to do 7-4 instead of 8-7 too. But with posts about people now do 7-4 may get it nerfed too lol. Its just getting tedious and ridiculous farming nowadays.

It reminds me of the loot cave in that game that had the flying peter dinkleage

Someon found another…spoke about it…NERFED!

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I haven’t noticed any difference with 8-7 and have been farming it exclusively for the past month.

Yes I’ve noticed. And they will keep nerfing them if people post the most useful spots :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:start collecting your own data that’s all I can suggest


Have you been tracking your results, or is this comment just based on “feel?” For what it’s worth, although my post-update sample size is small, my tracking before the update had 8-7 producing roughly 20% more/better loot (ascension items, ingredients, troops, and heroes) than average, and my tracking after the update has it producing roughly 10% less than average. That’s a pretty big swing!


Good point! For any spies that may be reading this, note that while 7-4 is good for monster count, it’s below-average in all other areas! (Dagnabbit.)

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This is pure conjecture. I haven’t been tracking anything but from face value I haven’t seen a noticeable decrease in the quality or quantity of loot.

Try level 5.8… it’s less exp, but a bit better loot I found… Someone told me that… I tried it, and it’s better…

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: yes yes 7-4 is great for everything I sure hope it doesn’t get nerfed lol

That’s exactly what my tracking charts show as well literally mine is 11% less. Use Autoplay play you get more everything when using it on lower providences for farming

erm so what does 7-4 give now? more recruits like 8-7 or more backpacks/swords like 5-8?

Actually they will keep nerfing them based on the server data that tells them which levels people are actually farming.

But I agree that sharing such information publicly is indeed the precursor of behaviour that can be picked up on by SG.


Just lots of monsters to kill for quickly filling Wanted chests. I’ve also found it to give slightly better troops/heroes output than average, but slightly worse ascension item and ingredients output than average.

I have always preferred 6-8 & 5-8 to 8-7, but after the drop in resources taken from raiding I have been back to 8-7 more often.

The odd thing is today (2 June) 8-7 gave up 21 chests. Always thought 20 was the max. Loot was ad kit, sword and rugged clothes with two heroes and 10 recruits. Possibly best ever there.

Odd note on team is I used 1*/2* troops. Not first time, though, so unlikely that was cause. No autoplay.

Welp, now that I’ve collected data on over 100 runs of both 7-4 and 8-7, I have to retract my earlier comments. 8-7 seems to still be an above-average farming level, and my results on 7-4 have regressed to the mean. (7-4 still has higher monster counts than any other 3WE map level I’m aware of, but the loot/rewards are otherwise roughly average.)

If you have the inclination, try 6-8. Recruits, heroes and troops are my focus farming. It is anecdotal, but that is my chosen field lol

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