8.7 farming

Reading the forum I’ve seen many posts of people farming 8.7 becasue of the amount of items and recruits dropped.
I’ve tryed so far for many weeks but I couldn’t say it is a sweet spot for me to farm mats.

While the amount of recruits/energy is nice, I’ve berely found something good, maybe once every 10 run. (for good I mean 4 star crafting mats, midnight roots, grimoire dust).
I can’t barely find raw iron there to satisfy my tornado addiction and the xp/energy ratio is pretty bad too.
Most of the time it ends with ropes, oils, bones, clean cloths, strips and a tons of common herbs (even 6 in a run!)

So, are the people talking about glorious days past or I’ve just been unlucky?

8.7 it’s still a good spot where to farm, maybe not like it was before but still has the best quantity of items and recruits for 3 energy flags.
As for the rarity of the items like 3 or 4* i don’t know if there are better areas, surely 8.7 is not a huge mine of good items.

I still farm 8.7 because i really need many recruits, but if i hadn’t the recruits issue maybe i just farm 5.8 for good items.


That one, I think.
Seems to have been dry for a few weeks now. I still hit it if I need recruits, and I’ll get swords and the occasional backpack (maybe one every three runs - used to be way more) but if I want general crafting stockpiles I’ll go back to 17-1, 20-1 or 20-4

8-7 got nerfed by 10% for item drops in 1.6, while many higher flag zones got buffed.

For recruits it’s still tied for best in game (and maybe outright best, 3 recruits / flag, none of the 4+ flag zones compare); for ice chest monsters it’s still the best in the game.

For being crowned “best item / flag farming zone” as it once was, that’s now gone.

It’s a good generalized farming zone but I left there because common herbs are useless to me; whereas backpacks in 5, crude iron in 6, and string in 7 are all more relevant for my crafting and leveling heroes. Incidentally, 6-8 and 7-7 are close in recruits to 8-7 but I never tracked them specifically, that’s just anecdotal observation.


Thanks for the replyes.

Seem it’s time to move on other provinces than.

When people do these item counts, I do not understand why they even bother to count 1* items. If the items sought are not good enough then ten pieces of junk do not make up for it.

8-7 is sill tops for expected monsters/flag, I.e. it’s likely the cheapest way to fill a monster chest.

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I miss the days where you could get the 1* trainer heroes from farming…wish they would bring those back

They are still there

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Because the following:

  1. String
  2. Crude Iron
  3. Large Bone
  4. Leather Strips

Are hugely useful for high level titan scoring.


That would be 7-4; non-trivially higher monster count.


I stand corrected. Thanks

I recently change from 8-7 to 13-6 for filling monster chest. I’d noticed there are decent items drop, less junks. I once got 6 leather strip from 7 run, I was sold. And a chance of 3* ascend items which 8-7 didn’t give.

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Agreed, 13-6 is a solid farming stage. 8-7 is better for generating recruits and a bit more efficient for filling the monster chest.


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