8.7 farming

Reading the forum I’ve seen many posts of people farming 8.7 becasue of the amount of items and recruits dropped.
I’ve tryed so far for many weeks but I couldn’t say it is a sweet spot for me to farm mats.

While the amount of recruits/energy is nice, I’ve berely found something good, maybe once every 10 run. (for good I mean 4 star crafting mats, midnight roots, grimoire dust).
I can’t barely find raw iron there to satisfy my tornado addiction and the xp/energy ratio is pretty bad too.
Most of the time it ends with ropes, oils, bones, clean cloths, strips and a tons of common herbs (even 6 in a run!)

So, are the people talking about glorious days past or I’ve just been unlucky?

8.7 it’s still a good spot where to farm, maybe not like it was before but still has the best quantity of items and recruits for 3 energy flags.
As for the rarity of the items like 3 or 4* i don’t know if there are better areas, surely 8.7 is not a huge mine of good items.

I still farm 8.7 because i really need many recruits, but if i hadn’t the recruits issue maybe i just farm 5.8 for good items.


That one, I think.
Seems to have been dry for a few weeks now. I still hit it if I need recruits, and I’ll get swords and the occasional backpack (maybe one every three runs - used to be way more) but if I want general crafting stockpiles I’ll go back to 17-1, 20-1 or 20-4

8-7 got nerfed by 10% for item drops in 1.6, while many higher flag zones got buffed.

For recruits it’s still tied for best in game (and maybe outright best, 3 recruits / flag, none of the 4+ flag zones compare); for ice chest monsters it’s still the best in the game.

For being crowned “best item / flag farming zone” as it once was, that’s now gone.

It’s a good generalized farming zone but I left there because common herbs are useless to me; whereas backpacks in 5, crude iron in 6, and string in 7 are all more relevant for my crafting and leveling heroes. Incidentally, 6-8 and 7-7 are close in recruits to 8-7 but I never tracked them specifically, that’s just anecdotal observation.


Thanks for the replyes.

Seem it’s time to move on other provinces than.

When people do these item counts, I do not understand why they even bother to count 1* items. If the items sought are not good enough then ten pieces of junk do not make up for it.

8-7 is sill tops for expected monsters/flag, I.e. it’s likely the cheapest way to fill a monster chest.

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I miss the days where you could get the 1* trainer heroes from farming…wish they would bring those back

They are still there

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Because the following:

  1. String
  2. Crude Iron
  3. Large Bone
  4. Leather Strips

Are hugely useful for high level titan scoring.


That would be 7-4; non-trivially higher monster count.


I stand corrected. Thanks

I recently change from 8-7 to 13-6 for filling monster chest. I’d noticed there are decent items drop, less junks. I once got 6 leather strip from 7 run, I was sold. And a chance of 3* ascend items which 8-7 didn’t give.

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Agreed, 13-6 is a solid farming stage. 8-7 is better for generating recruits and a bit more efficient for filling the monster chest.


as the topic is about raw iron any hints where to farm those at best? Im not interested in the rest of 8.7 or others, just raw iron,

This thread is about a massive data collection effort to find the best areas for most items in the game. I’m not sure it is up-to-date with the latest seasons (probably not as Barry was last here in 2021) but should be good through S3.

The spreadsheet summary is here: Barry Farmz Here: Summary - Google Sheets

Best for iron is S1:6-8. There may be better levels in S4/S5 but they will also have higher flag cost.

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I’m using season 2, province 1, stage 6 nowadays. More backpacks. Still good amount of enemies for filling chest.

I dont really need recruits. Have millions of them in hero academy troops schedule.

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i farm season 1 province 6 stage 8

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thanks to all of you three, in barry’s sheet they are named crude iron which confused me. thanks as well for the season 2 tip, great idea during atlantis

In P1 in S2, I find rhe poison stages to have the worst drop rates. I hardly ever do them now. I seem to get more from stages 4, 5, 7 and 8.


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