8.7 Drop Rate Lowered?


Has anyone noticed a decreased drop rate for adventurer’s kits and practice swords in stage 8-7

1.6 Update Feedback

I usually hit 5-8 for Adventurer’s Kits. I’ll try 8-7 a bit and see what I find. :wink:


8-7 is my goto farming zone; I don’t have enough runs of it post 1.6 release but I’ve had an ugly streak that could either be:

  1. entirely random
  2. a decrease in the number of items dropped in 8-7
  3. a decrease in sword / backpack efficiency.

I need a lot more runs to get some semblance of reasonableness in 8-7 for 1.6 but short form:



The frequency of only six items dropping was once out of 649 runs (it might have been a data counting error it was so rare); however, since 1.6 nearly 10% of my runs have had six items only… and the distribution translates to nearly a 10% reduction in number of items per energy, but 82 runs is nowhere close to enough (stated again for emphasis) and the sword rate and backpack rate are roughly equivalent in both cases, and recruits / heroes / troops are also in line with the data but unfortunately that means little.

It’s too soon to tell but at least on limited data 8-7 may not be as fantastic anymore.


That’s what I thought, but since I don’t track hard numbers I figured I’d ask. Before 1.6 I’d use up most of my recruits training and now I’m closer to full.


I am nonstop farming 8.7 and for the first time in 3 months i am in situation, when i dont have enought swords and adventures kits. I feel that drop decresed after 1.6. But other loot doesnt seem to be nerfed.


To be honest the 1 6 item run out of 649 was probably a miscount and it likely should’ve been a 7 or higher.

Integrating more runs into the dataset from today’s screen captures and 6 items is still turning up… think the number of items has been tweaked which lowers the percentage drop rate of everything.

It does sadly mean I’m going to have to re-test virtually everything pre and post 1.6; rude Small Giant!


Really cool of you to this revelate. Impressive. +1

Also: I’m so tired of devs making all these changes without telling. The game has such a big part that is random that players are most often forced to go almost by feel to decide what strategy works best in long run. By doing hidden changes is it very hard to know if a new result is because if new strategy or just hidden changes.


Yep, i was wondering that too. But i have the feeling that better stages (like 20-4, i farm there too) has better reward.
So harder zone has improve and soft one decrease. If thats the case, then i have nothing to complaint, seems legit.

Oh, and now chests gives often only 1 gem.
I know that we pay that much missions gems somehow.


Okay, I ran 8-7 ten times (after installing v1.6.1), with the following results:

6 Swords
5 Adventurer’s Kits


1 Trainer Hero
5 Heroes
2 Troops
(Other assorted items; the highest was Common Herbs at 23)

I trust Revelate’s numbers. :wink:


That, well, wasn’t borne out in 1.5.

For just pure item farming and recruits 20-4 was a wasteland when we’re talking per energy. Fantastic exp, ham, and even iron if you care about such things for a map zone… but to me exp is a bit dubious, it’s irrelevant to my ham income overall, and anyone who cares about iron is probably pretty new to the game and hasn’t hit the long build times where you will almost always cap before your builder is finished.

Now, we’ll see.

This is a bit fustruating to be honest since the alliance flags doubled for titan fights, and the drop rate allegedly stayed the same, it means consumables are a major PITA now in comparison to previously and that sounds like an unintended consequence. While I agree it’s probably simple for them to calculate the number of runs in each zone, and even mark that by login time (to find the more dedicated / serious players that are likely to get ahold of such knowledge that 8-7 was a sweet spot) and then figure it needs tweaking, but I don’t really know why… unless the higher level zones have scaled higher to your point than they were in 1.5, this is just a straight nerf without a ton of rationale behind it.

If they really wanted us farming the higher zones they likely should’ve increased the rewards there or looked at reducing the map energy required as per energy everything above 3 flag zones was a bad deal if you had heros to level in 1.5.


I’ve just anecdotally noticed on 8-7 an increase in heros/troops, particularly when you don’t get a sword or backpack. This was after 1.6.1. all last night I was getting a lot of heros/troops. Just now I got 2 one *, a * trainer hero, and a troop on the same stage (no swords or backpacks).


That’s likely just RNG as troops at least under 1.5 seemed to be a flat percentage per run (which because of energy distribution meant farming 3 flag zones was better), need a lot of data but maybe that changed too though I think that is a little less likely than some other tweaks.

Actually though found an interesting thing this morning. Prior to 1.6 the max items dropped in either 12-9 or 13-6 was apparently 11; already had 12 items drop from each one so this is a non-trivial tweak where maybe my earlier sky was falling shtick may have been premature if they did re-scale everything.


Since the last update I’ve noticed that I’m not finding the same amount of items for crafting consumables


I think hero drop rate has been lowered. Wuite oftrn ill go 5 or 6 battles w/no hero. Before rarely would go 3


Wasn’t going to post data this early as everything other than recruits and items are big time affected by RNG but here’s 1.5 and 1.6. Focus on 8-7 as that has the most runs on both:



So far it looks pretty close to what it was before honestly with troops, and heroes, but a LOT more data is necessary is needed as the 50 or even 150 runs in 1.6 zones isn’t close to enough data to be considered accurate. In 1.5 it was pretty linear in some flat percentage per run so farming the lower zones was better for troops; item drop rates are definitely improved in higher level zones per energy, not sure that heroes and troops are though so the 3 flag zones may still be best for those.

PS: the 10% reduction in item drop rate in 8-7 is absolutely real though, still looks like it may be one of the best zones for pure farming, which means the great 1.6 loot fix was another nerf for those of us that need consumables :(.

Honestly I don’t think Mai is going to be the last to quit over that either, the small reduction in high level titan HP (~100k off a 10* approximately, 90k off the one 9* we had since update) doesn’t offset the rest of the fixes put in and consumable farming went from PITA to possibly near impossible and that strikes me as a mistake needing a fix on the order of n-1 items added to both min and max drops per zone, where n is the number of flags per zone… or something drastic like that, SG has people that can do real math presumably to determine it but running out of consumables on high level titans that 2 shot possibly every hero, sucks.


Thanks for taking the time to collect this data and share it Revelate! I’d love to see any additional information you find out about the best maps to use for collecting different items, recruits, etc.


Recruits is still 8-7.

Consumables, I still think Mai’s list which was done based on some knowledge and in game statements is probably the most accurate. I’ve only been tracking things pertaining to hero / troop leveling and the rare ascension items: tracking consumable drops as I recently found out is a lot more intensive haha.

Have tabled that for now, the consumable situation isn’t good right now but I’m going to wait before throwing a screaming fit at Small Giant.

I think that the 3/4* consumable mats are a lot more rare in 8-7 now, think that may well have been a change but that’s purely gut feeling as I wasn’t tracking it before.