7Titans Misfits

There’s room for 2 in

:boom:7TITANS MISFITS :boom:

Let me tell you a little about the Misfits -
:eyes:We are an 18+ alliance - there is sometimes swearing, not sorry.
:eyes:We utilise two servers - the more wholesome 7Titans community server (utilised by many alliances) AND the adults only private server. The memes in the private server are NOT wholesome. If you are sensitive or easily offended - this alliance is not for you.
:eyes:They are a “use all flags and hit each titan” alliance for active players, level 45+. They are sitting at 14star and ask for 4-hit minimum in Titans. “Titans before all other gameplay!”
:eyes:They appreciate teamwork and communication - those things keep an alliance running smoothly.

Our 7Titans Discord server features a bot called Bastet that can do all sorts of clever things. All branches of 7Titans, along with many alliances from the wider community utilise the space so there’s plenty of great discussion and advice. Bastet the research bot can find farming items (excellent for farming the seasonal events!), display all hero cards, sort heroes according to skill, element, rarity, etc, show event guides and much more. It’s a fun thing to play with!
You’ll find Bastet in the #research-library channel. You are most welcome to pop in and have a play with him :blush:

7Titans has branches for more casual options to slow down, or a holiday alliance for members only should they need a break.
Jump into our server and shout out to Sillyboy (Leader) :blush:

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7Titans Misfits is a top 300 alliance looking for people who want more out of their alliance – who pull their weight and expect others to do so as well.

• Chaining 14* Titans

• Hit Titans first thing! Titans are our priority.

• Titan dies around the 12 hr mark to ensure everyone gets a chance to hit it and make sure everyone will be at full flags for the next.

• All War flags used if you are opted in.

• Adult language – we have no filter and like it that way.

• Freedom of speech is encouraged - just don’t be a jerk

• Discord is a MUST for effective alliance communication as in game chat has its limitations. Teamwork and communication help keeps things running smoothly for everyone.

• 7Titans Discord server is used by all 7Titans branches and many alliances from the wider community making it a great place for information and game discussion. We’re featuring an awesome new beta bot (Bastit) that does all the cool things Jeeves used to do - show hero cards, search farmable items and event guides, and much more.

If Misfits isn’t the perfect fit for you, we are a part of the family of alliances under the 7Titans banner to fit every play style and personality - from family friendly to NSFW, casual, and serious players.

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We have room for ONE left!

Room for two!! Had one randomly rage quit :joy:

Room for 1 more! Alliance quest starts soon!

Bumpity bump bump up up :point_up_2:

Lost 2 long-time members to retirement from the game, so we currently have 2 spots to fill!

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