7Titans FortheStars is open for a merger

7Titans FortheStars is rebuilding after a bunch of retirees finally fully retired!
Chasing a group of active players who don’t require constant chatter or babysitting…

:star:Level 50+ (suggestive for titan and war opponent strength)
:star:Relaxed vet players
:star:Hit the Titan
:star:Use all war flags
:star:Discord encouraged
:star:Straightforward war strategy
:star:Not pushing for top 100, but enjoy personal achievements.
Space for a group of up to 15.

7Titans is a wonderful community with an awesome discord server. It is a space that brings all the branches together, but also open to the public, so it’s nice to have knowledgeable vets who can help out newer players, or discuss heroes and strategy.
It is the birthplace of Jeeves, the research bot who shows detailed hero cards (as featured in the official forum), he can display event guides, calendars, find items in game, compare hero cards, and list heroes according to attributes, just to name a few.

Hit me up, or jump on our discord server and have a chat with Tala or xMHx

- invite is listed at the bottom of the graphic.

Up - still room for a merge. Great opportunity to get in with a supportive family :heart:

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