7th Team not showing up when viewing

When viewing my teams, my 7th team does not show up. Only when editing teams does it show. I have logged off and back onto the game, but that does not fix the issue.

@CocoRio Could you include a couple of screenshots? I think that would help the devs see the issue. Probably worth submitting a ticket (through the app).

This isn’t an issue.

This screen isn’t a team viewer, it’s a hero viewer. It’s all your heroes together, but the heroes that are assigned to team slots get bumped to the top (annoyingly), in order of team number allocation.

Everyone you have assigned to team 7 is already assigned to teams before it, as you can see in the picture, theyre all in teams 2 and 3 too. You only see each of your heroes once.

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I figured that out, blonde moment lol

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it does

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