7DH vs Ritual - 4* def war

Well,… we lost…

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Congratulations to RITUAL! Well played, and well deserved. We are waiting patiently for your dance video, fearless leader! @Rilf


This seems like a lot of fun. What does one need to do to get recruited by one of these two alliances? I’m consistently over 2500 trophies and have six war teams all over 3600 in power. I would love to be in one of these top alliances.

@Croppja2 to join any Seven Days alliance, like Seven Days Hunting, you best join our Discord sever and apply there. —> https://discord.gg/aTunjGW

For Ritual you might sent Vain a PM on line (his ID is in their ingame Banner)

A war well-fought! Now I am so happy to have my precious 5* back on the field haha @Rilf

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