7DF celebrates Christmas war

We decided to have some fun with this Christmastide war against our family. Our defense:


Lol nice i was actually talking with a teammate earlier about doing the exact same thing, probly won’t now though(i like to be original)

Looks good though, did other team do the same?

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No, 7DD kept their usual yellow tank strategy.

Lol 7 Days Scrooges(before this gets misconstrued as me bashing, it was a joke)

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You went way further than we did…We just did red and green tanks

A luxury of having deep teams.

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I didnt do it. I’m not 7D. I had discussed doing it but they unknowingly beat me to it, but still pretty cool they did it either way

darn…replied to the wrong person…sorry for the confusion…


Just livin up to your name lol


We lost resoundingly, but that was the likely outcome regardless. Might as well have some fun with it!


Very true i look forward to seein a victory post one day(only because to my knowledge u guys haven’t beat them and would be a 1st, not just because it’s departed, so no one sound the alarm)

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I see that all of you have a red nose :wink:

Meaning you are bringing a lot of presents to 7DD !!! :smiley:

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So, who got the presents this time?

Considering a lack of further details it probably didn’t go well for 7DF, did it? :wink:


We were likely to lose against 7DD anyway, and we did. Had fun, though.

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Just wonder what about if all 3 middle were red. Or even 4 or 5. Then they would ran out of blues much sooner. The last hero(s) would be that which does extra damage to blue (like Zeline).

They would stack neutral colors or attack rainbow

Outcome would be the same. 7DD and CP are out of reach for the other top 100 alliances. Which they’ve earned that and will continue to do so


OK, but then they have nothing to lose if they try it. It is a big difference to preapare an attack team against 1 red tank or 3 reds (tank+flanks).

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To be clear, we were all on-board with doing the red and green defense only, but when we messaged the leader to confirm, he said he wouldn’t have time to coordinate it due to travel. We assumed that meant it was a normal war…and then it wasn’t. But you can’t have heroes without a few villains so we can play 7DScrooge this year it seems.



It really was a joke but can delete if needed

I know the Rigs and 7D relations probably aren’t ideal for making jokes like that, but was intended as a light hearted joke when i said it

Hope you guys have a merry xmas

No worries dude. :wink:

enjoy xmas all

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