7DE Mr DD - Single color ofense team at 2k cup raid (600TP difference)

Apparently it works great - Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I roll with Wukong, Jackall, Leonidas, li xu, and azlar all the time.

I can get up to 2500 cups pretty regularly before i get knocked back.

I love the massive tile damage! And wukong being yellow with a yellow stack is a bonus!

Yeah, sounds great :smiley: My yellows are Wu, Chao, Bane and Kailani - I need to work on a 5th one, but my current options are Dawa and Hu Tao so I’m not too thrilled about it, but I will probably level Dawa after I max my Wu 4/60 currnetly so just a littlbe bit more work left :smiley: I’ll try to get the Jackal in 3 months so I can work with something there :slight_smile:

I know it works great higher on, but I though having 3 stars will hinder it. I guess I was wrong :smiley: