7DD Titan Blitz! Speed kill on 10* Kraken

Below is my video of our attempt to reclaim the record of fastest titan kill :slight_smile: Enjoy!


You guys need bigger Titans lol


Congrats on the kill. Looks like we are going to have try to take it back again here before too long.

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Most of us didn’t even get the 6th hit in (one flask each)

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I love this. I also find myself yelling “Give me SOMETHING, board!” a lot vs. titans.


Every time I see a vid like this I do understand why top allies deserve to be top allies

(now, while I do really think that you guys deserve to be as good as you are, I really would like to say something to the devs:
Could you please offer again Athena’s ability or make her available to all, so everybody could enjoy titan fights the same way? Did the sin to start this game in august and got punished by damage’s God in a way it seem not really fair)


Oh Nice!!!
Gg to the team :+1::clap::clap::clap:


5… 55 purple flasks? :crazy_face:

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haha, i have a little less now with the April fools shenanigans we did immediately after this titan kill :slight_smile:

and in case anyone feels this wasn’t a “clean” kill since flasks were used, we just took down the max HP 10* Onyx in 30 mins flat, no flasks. Maybe 31 mins. With only 25 hitters.


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We really need some stronger titans!

Repeat, NO flasks were used. I think 5 of us leveled.
I wish i recorded this one lol

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Yeah, with the purple one as long as enough members are online at spawn it doesn’t last long even without flasks. It’s not uncommon to see some members put up over 200k on it in their 1st 3 hits. Does not take much with that kind of damage being done.

And honestly, all but the kraken aren’t much farther behind.

for sure! Purple melts the fastest. 5 of us didnt hit on this titan as well. makes me wonder how much faster it would have been had everyone hit lol

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green and purple go fastest because the color debuffers (jackal and falcon) are 4* heroes, so they were much easier to get. Panther and Arthur elude many of us.

Maybe we should compete on number of hits to kill it instead of time…

lol, i am not volunteering to count hits :slight_smile: if only SG gives us a hit count along with total damage in the summary eh @Petri ?

Would love a summary! +1

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