7DD ally... Question

Do you usually get 1 ascension item every day? I mean… Beating the 14* titan etc…

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Tio, look in search for loot records. I think Dante posted a spreadsheet showing what as a 7dd member he was taking in…it was impressive

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Well there’s only 12* titans now. But, good news is you can get an extra ascension item roll at loot tier 14 (pretty sure it’s 14 not 15) making it 4 slots. So that’s doable as the A+ on an 11* or A on a rare 11*. But really loot tier 9-13 is where 3 ascension items roll and where you want to get to. :smiley:
(Oh, and to clarify I’m not in Departed just trying to spread hope for ascension rolls)

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I’m not a part of 7DD either, but with 8* titans at hand I usually get at least one mat per defeated titan. Sometimes I get nothing, but sometimes I’m blessed with 2-3.

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8-9-10* here and the last 5 gave me nothing


I don’t keep track of that anymore (i’ve fully moved into the “just play, take what comes, dont ******* worry about stuff you can’t control” phase of playing) but from what I remember (i’m on vacation and don’t have the laptop with the sheet), I was averaging about 28-29 non-purchased, non farmable ascension items every 30 days. That was from all sources - rare quests, titans, monthly challenge, mystic vision, chests, etc. That held roughly true as titans varies from 10s to 14s and settled on 12s once the 13 and 14s were removed. So just a hair under 1 per day on average over 4 months of tracking (basically march 1 though end of june).

My alt, which at the time was facing 8-9 star titans was getting roughly 0.75 to 0.8 per day from what i remember. But we’ve moved up to 10s, are lettting almost none escape, so that’s probably changed but has been after i stopped tracking.

Any alliance that can consistently kill 12* titans will get lots of rare mats. I haven’t kept records, but anecdotally have found that 12* titans will give one non-farmable mat per titan on average. Sometimes you get none, sometimes three, but it adds up quickly.

One mat per titan on 8*? Neverever😂

I kill only 9*/10* with A/B score and there is nowhere a rate of 1mat/titan to be seen. Not even remotely


Our alliance didn’t defeat many of them, but I got 1, 2 & 1 rare non-farmable mat from last 3 kills with B score. As far as I can remember I got 3 at once with my best roll at A+. Once or twice I got rare mat from escaped titan loot too.

That is a small sample to draw conclusions ;-D you‘re lucky at the moment but be sure the rate‘s gonna drop;)


I have a different question for 7DD

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B2T: You’ll get 3* mats every 2nd day, but 4* mats every say 14 days from 14*.


When I tracked all mats (2 accounts), 9-10* Titans, on average it was 1 AM per day (I think 0.97) - this was from all non-purchased game generated sources. The drop was about 75:25 3*:4*

I haven’t tracked it in about a year, but did track it for about 9 months…


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