7 Titans - Become our Newest Branch

The 7 Titans family is looking for a 9-10* alliance to join our existing branches:

  1. North. The original, at 9-10* titans. Levels 48-62.
  2. West. War focused, at 8* titans. Levels 26-61.
  3. East. Beginner focused, at 6* titans. Levels 6-41.
  4. South. Very relaxed on titans, war is optional. Levels 11-67.
  5. 4gap. Our competitive branch, typically at 11-12* titans. Levels 40-65.

The core of the 7 Titans family has been playing for roughly 2 years or more. Our philosophy is simple: respect everyone that you interact with (their efforts, flags, etc.), and know that EP is a game with a lot of long-term goals. That means expensive crafting goes more towards events than it does titans. Hey, we’re too old for BS, and have families that exist outside of our rosters (don’t tell Mother North :wink:).

Micromanaging new branches doesn’t interest us, and we don’t force people to move between branches. Our idea is to support each other where possible, and just enjoy chatting with folks from around the world about EP and life in general. We’re looking for a good fit, with people who have the same outlook and play style as we do.

Joining our Discord server is required. It makes life so much easier for everyone involved. Our server is also home to Jeeves, the EP bot, so you and your players will have access to all the guides, hero cards, and other tools (and trainers) that our current teammates enjoy.

If interested, visit us on Discord or reply with any questions. Be sure to tell us why you’re stopping by, and we’ll be sure to sit and chat when we see you :smiley:.

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