7 openings in ~The Outlaws!~

Join the Outlaws, an international English speaking alliance of drama-free gamers. For us, Life is first and this game is either second, third or fourth in priority. Our rules are simple:

  1. Attack the titan daily

  2. Use all War flags.

  3. Optout of war if you do not want to participate in such a violent and bloody event.

  4. If going on vacation, like a deserted island without wifi service, let us know so that we do not kick you.

And finally, the most important rule of all

  1. Do not feed the gremlins after midnight. I am not kidding. They will make a mess of your home.

See you in the Outlaws.

Another rule: do not bath your gremlin. Now I have to many gremlins. Want one. Join the Outlaws today

Bad news: All the gremlins are dead. I accidentally left them outside during daytime and they burned to death.

If you want a gremlin’s bone, join the Outlaws.

Good news: I just got a letter from a lawyer about a class action lawsuit for ash damage. According to the letter, ashes can cause home damage. So, I may get some money from the gremlins’ ashes. Cross your fingers, toes, arms and legs.

Do no stay in a zombie alliance. Join a living alliance like the Outlaws.

Do not be a loner. It is difficult to kill a titan just by yourself. Join an active group like the Outlaws to kill titans and get ascencion items from doing it.

Got a new type of gremlin resistant to water and light!

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