7 Days Departed Infographics (Game Strategies in a Nutshell)

Thank you for the answer. That makes sense to me.

However, if that’s for attacking, why placing safety net and important heroes on the outside? it not like defense team where outside heroes have the lower chance of being hit. While attacking, all heroes should have the equal chance of getting hit, right?

Thanks @Coppersky,
For providing us with these wonderfull gems.
Nice compacted reference cards to use when playing this game.
Saves a lot of time looking for something.

I wonder what happens in situation where hitting free space with x2 mana. Is there any exception that can make difference? Like for example 4 tiles hit blank space makes difference with 13% bonus?

We also talk about attack, what about mana regen in defence?

Heroes on the edges are less likely to take splash damage from specials that hit 3 targets (for example, Grimm’s Ramming Pulverizer) since they have only one adjacent hero instead of two. It’s not much, but it’s worth putting weaker heroes on the edges unless you have specials that work better with a different order (for example, don’t put riposters like Cyprian on the edges).


@lexinen Answered it perfectly.

Ghosting does not affect in this case, you still need those break points in order to benefit from the mana bonus.

In defense mana gain is much more scrambled. Because defense gains decreasing amount of mana depending on the combo length. So there are no clear break points, basically you can always gain value from the mana bonus in defense.

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Thanks for explaining~

Doing exactly the same things almost in everything without knowing.
That’s kinda cool and kinda scary at the same time.

Btw, i just love the graphic work.

Thanks for the overview. Is there and graph which includes s 2 heroes? E.g. tarlak for titan?

Tarlak aka “Mr 5* WuKong”.
Wilbur aka “Mr Replace Grim/Tibertus/Gormek”

Find all “WuKong” references and replace them with “Tarlak”.

And just add Wilbur to the regular armor debuffers.

Thanks @Fledoble

I expected that :slight_smile:
Just wanted to know if I my assumption is correct

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New one for you @Coppersky , feel free to pin at top if you’d like =)


Thanks a lot 7DD team
Great work

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Some time ago, i wanted to translate tutorials in french to help my community.
Today, I am insulted and accused of plagiarism.
I don’t think I have been disrespectful of the work of 7dd 7df players.
If i did a mistake i m really sorry. @Anchor @Xero786

My modifications :


Your contributions to the forum are great. it’s a shame one would think of you as a plagiarist. Hope this won’t let you down and that we can keep counting on all those amazing info sheets you make.


A toast to @Rilf and his class’ infographic :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you for the info. Appreciated

Really good information to improve! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

Any updates to these? Some of them are getting a little stale with new heroes released and new events…

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Whaaat? I don’t get you what should I be aware of?