7 Days Ago Created: The Big Wigs are looking for bold players

Disclaimer: We are in no way connected to the legendary ‘7 Days X’ alliances. That’s just click bait. But our alliance was created 7 days ago, so I guess it’s fine.

We’re ‘The Big Wigs’ (all puns intended, but I’m German so it’s okay if you don’t find it funny).

At the moment, we’re four very avid players who started our own alliance 7 Days Ago. We did it because despite our previous one was full of great people, there was a big disparity between casual and competitive/ ambitious players. Both approaches are perfectly fine. At the same time we wanted to keep on growing.

That’s why we moved on. We’re now looking for new members to join us.

What We’re looking for:

  • daily participation
  • 2200 trophies minimum
  • at least 3 hits per titan (the more the better)
  • 6 attacks per war. You can opt out, but if you participate, 6 hits are mandatory
  • 30 maxed heroes: 4*/5* at 3/70 or 5*s (if you’re not there yet , it’s fine. As long as you are actively working on getting there in the foreseeable future). In theory should be able to dish out six strong attacks.

We are quite communicative, but we mainly use Line for it. We try to keep the in game chat ‘clean’. So if you just want to hit stuff and don’t want to chat about all kind of topics, it’s fine. All game relevant stuff like war strategy will be communicated within the game.

At this very moment we’re killing 4* titans. Had to hold back at the beginning with the 1s, so everyone can get a shot. The goal is to go to 10 titans and above once we’re fully stacked.

We’re players from different countries and English is our language of communication. If you have any questions, contact me on Line. Name is ‘Lepcake’.

Looking forward to playing with you.

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Everyone seems to have recruitment pictures, so I guess we need one as well. :grin:


Bumping this post.
After 10 days we’re now facing our first 5* titan. Happens to be a rare one. As we are still only 4 players, I wonder if we’ll get it. Join us to kill all the titans that dare to cross our path.

By the way, this week each of us managed to get to no 1 in our respective countries (Switzerland, New Zealand, Fiji and Estonia). We like it that way and also visit the top 100 every now and then. But only to get brutalised the moment we log off :).

Trying to show off a bit as it seems recruitment isn’t easy if you’re not on top already lol

Need to bump this. So many alliances are looking for new members, our post disappeared :wink:
So after killing the rare 5* we killed a 6* titan, but had to use some flasks. Now we’re stuck at 5* titans (which we kill). I guess there’s only so much damage you can do with 4 people. Wars are still optional (only had 2 in the last 2 weeks due to the maintenance breaks), so if you only care about titans, you’re welcome to join.

@Lepcake Would you guys be interested in joining an existing alliance at all?

The Cowboy Way have been around for almost a year now and are made up of mainly American/Canadian players with a few lone Europeans such as myself trying to show our Atlantic cousins how to do things :smiley:

We’ve won 16 out of our last 21 wars, take down most of our 9* titans, use LINE and are a very active bunch but have been having a hard time trying to fill our last few spots.

If it’s something you may be interested in let me know here or on LINE app @AndyBSG

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@AndyBSG, thanks for the suggestion.
At the moment we’re not really planning on merging. I guess if we stay that small for a longer time, we might rethink.
I have the feeling that being such a small alliance isn’t very attractive for people, especially those who are not on this forum…
Good luck in filling your last spots.


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