7 big hitters looking for a merge for 9 total members


There are 8 of us


Come join Crew-Raiders, we have 20 people right now.


We currently have 5 team spots available for anyone with 2000+ cups. Check out our ad on the forum; our name is East of the Equator, or hit us up on Discord at https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR to chat to the team and find out more about us!



We have line and need to talk to the teams to see if we are a fit. We’re a very tight group and our endless humor and banter is paramount to our game experience


Blades of death and zero fallen look like a possible fit as there are enough decent hitters with possible war depth but we cant leave any behind. There are only 5 slots and 8 of us


Cervantes77 is my line group… Crew Raiders is very accepting, so feel free to come knocking.

Edit: As far as wars are concerned, we have won the last 4 out of 5 if that is any concern of yours.


The Desert Dwellers would be happy to host your group. We are a younf group figuring out the game, one reuirement is that everyone level 12 and up has to fight in the alliance wars. Check us out.


Heres what we have + 2 more members. One currently at 2100 trophies and the other at 1000 trophies. We have had 100% flags used in the last 2 wars which is a good thing. Like some folks im not into carrying dead weight and all our members are well aware of that and are pretty good at communicating if they will be absent on titans/AW.


Hey guys :slight_smile:
Come and say hello we love to talk!
Check Greek frappe
Line id : tsaxa


Contact the ZERO FAMILY ALLIANCE leader LINE: djlite247