7 big hitters looking for a merge for 9 total members


There are 9 total members on our team. We are looking for a merge. We dont fit with many teams as we are not politically correct. We are half female and half male. Most of us are older. All of us make fun of each other and bash each other on the reg.

None of us can take much of anyrhing serious and we cant do teams that have no humor.

Lets see… 6 of us are capable of killing 6-7* titans with ZERO help. We also will raid and take the top 5 spots globally when bored and hold them for a while. Uhhhh most of us have titan hits over 110k. Weve all killed 12* titans but prefer 8-9* as their more enjoyable.

7 of our top 9 including myself usually average betweem 270-350 points in 30 man war teams. We got kicked from our last alliance because i post too many chickens in line.

If someone is interested just let me know your teams average tp. 7 of our 9 are over 4100. 1 is 3400 and one is 2800.

7/9 of us have trophies over 2500 on average
One stays around 2300 and the last one is around 1200.


@StaceyTurner77 @Jrobi


You guys sound fun. Check Zero unchained in the game, very chatty alliance with 8-9* titans. Line: djlite247


I’ll check it out.

Line id is dumb Dum1 (RS)
Leader line id is BULL (RS)


I don’t think Line id can have a space? At least the search in the app doesn’t allow.

Mine is silver_dragon-r
Leader djlite247


t-penn handle will pop up as dumb Dum1


Done. Please check pm.


Hey Tpenn- I added you on Line. I’m one of the co-leads at Unchained. :wink:


Magical Exiles - we have room, 21 active members. With at least 16 in the 1800cups + range. On average you guys would be in the top 10. We can chat about roles if you desire them.
Easy going, older group…good portion are parents etc. We average 8star titans and have poked 9 stars.



Thanks guys. Returning line messages. Were going to keep chatting with everyone and make sure to take the time so that we find the right home this time.


Why not just find 3-5 similar minded members? That should be enough to get to the titan level you want. If you merge, you’ll be back up to 10/11/12* titans.


Well half our team wants 12’s. Its just that everytine me and my 4 big buddies get into an alliance hitting 8’s we instantly jump to 11’s and 12’s and we feel pressured to keep killing them. Getting regulsr 300k-500k hits on titans starts getting stresful. But if we could just settle for 100-150k in hits on 11’s and 12’s and still kill them then we would all be happy. But we havent found an alliance with that sort of fire power.


We have 15 members over 2k cups, 8 at 2400 cups. Kill 7/8* titans on a regular basis. I reckon with your fire team we would sit at between 8-10 titans daily.

Thick skin is a MUST, have seen more then one member drop our ranks cause their feel bads got hurt. Nightgaunt71 on line if your interested in giving it a try.


Send a line message to BULL (RS)




You could come and join Crew-raiders. There are 10 spots open at the moment.


Clearly the answer is join a family of alliances where you can split half in one alliance and half in another and reduce the pressure. :wink:


Yes, you could join one of the crew, there are five of them if I’m not mistaken. @Tpenn


Not finding your ID on line for Bull


@Tpenn I can bouche for teh crew alliances. Amazing group of people!