** 6th Sense ** is looking for 2 new alliance members!

6th Sense is looking for 2 new alliance members!

We’re usually a Top-200 Alliance.
We’re all experienced players with several years of playing E&P.
We kill EVERYDAY titans of 14* (min required 100k dmg).
We fight every WAR like it is our last one! (required war participation).

And most of all… we are a DRAMA FREE alliance (we are all grown ups and we expect each one to take collective responsibility).

We expect you to have minimum 2400 trophies (we understand sometimes you can go below and sometimes you’re 2800 or above).
We expect you to have a respectable defense team and a good amount of leveled mana troops (no specific requirement)

You have what it takes to join us and see dead people?
You can write here on the forum, or contact me in Line (albabug), or just directly find our alliance on the game and apply!

See you soon!

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