600 gems to spend

With just two pulls to use, would you do the Santa or Ice? I have no four or five star Ice.

What level is your highest level training camp?

The short answer is: probably neither, I’d tend to recommend saving them for Atlantis.


Do Ice summon imo. It has better chance on legendary heroes and way higher chance on heroes you need like Grimm or Kiril.


Tc 15. have a tc 13 going and 15 will become my tc 20

The downside to using the elemental summons is everything you pay for there has a chance of coming for free from TC20. So it’s really a way to spend money to accelerate the process.

With 2 summons on the blue gate, your outcomes are (approximately):

2 3* heroes 50% chance
At least 1 4* 44% chance
At least 1 5* 5% chance
HOTM 2.5‰ chance


The Atlantis summon has the largest number of heroes that you can’t get from TC 20 in it, and every 10 summons gives you an ascension materials chest. But unfortunately it costs 350/pull, instead of 300.


Yes Atlantis summons is my choice as well. Maybe u don’t get Ice heroes, but TC 20 will work for it someday.

As a general matter, I prefer Atlantis pulls to other pulls, but the OP needs blue heroes, and the odds of getting a good blue hero are actually lower in Atlantis this month than even the Seasonal pull. So in the OP’s situation, I’d pull blue.


And the gem cost 350 :confused: , OP can’t pull 2 times in there. Forget about it.

There’s time between now and Dec, 30. Maybe one of the calendar offers will be attractive to the OP.


If so, I will pull 1 ice, 1 atlantis lol, but if I have 700 gem, in that situation, I will forget about blue and pull in 2* Atlantis heroes.

This Rudolph present is pretty good and I even get my lil dragon back after he has been missing for a couple months…


I guess I’m just cheap. I hate paying for something I can get for free later. But the “enjoyment” factor is important. OP is (realistically) a ways a way from TC 20, and yet further from it producing a blue hero. So it may very well be worth it to go ahead and pull blue now.


If you’re going to pull blue, you want to be prepared to use both pulls on blue. Of course, if the first one comes back with something good, you can always save the second set of gems.


Idk, for me if 600 gem, wlll pull 2 times blue, but if I have 700 gem, I will forget bout blue and pull both at Atlantis, for me rainbow color not very important until certain situation to use and always use 3 purple , 1 red, 1 yellow and other depend on sometimes 3 or 4 purple in raid, for defense , I use 2 purple, 1 red ,1 blue, 1 yellow for a long times until I have good rainbow team.

My reason:

  1. I prefer Unique heroes (Atlantis give more chance to that)
  2. Blue heroes u can get from TC 20, free heroes token (if lucky) and will got a lot of dupe if u doing a lot of pull in future.
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I would do Event or Atlantis pulls and empower my training camps.
In the long run you will anyway have all the 4* TC heroes and 5* are hard to get with 2 pulls.

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If you are now building you team, do one elemental, it has the higer chance to get a 4* or 5*.

If you get a good hero at first try at Elemental, you might take a shot at Seasonal afterwards, if not, you have a second try.


So much to think about when being new and starting a new game (Only a week in) I’m in the same situation
I have 623 coins with VIP and if I’m reading the forum right the Atlantis summon is coming on Dec. 30 so I will have 700 coins by then

No 3* hero but it’s the Blue Elemental summons today

TC 1 level 6
TC 2 level 3
SH will be 9 today
Farms 6 at level 8
Mines 3 at level 8
People seem to ask these ? so before they ask I answer

So I’m looking for advice for my situation also @Kerridoc makes a very important/interesting point about the low chance of getting a good blue this month from the Atlantis summons and me needing a good blue now. This is what I have now & Boldtusk is being leveled at the moment.

In your case I’d hold for Atlantis. Your roster would be improved in any color, not just blue. The Classic heroes will eventually come from TC20, but (at least for now) the Atlantis heroes are only from the portal.


@Kerridoc ok thanks for your input greatly appreciated

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