600 Atlantis Coin Summons, Wonderful!



Wow! Congratulations - I’m so happy for you (said through gritted teeth) :confounded:


Woah!! Awesome pulls!! Congrats!!

Now if only GM and Wilbur would stop hiding from me!!

P.S @Rook, @Garanwyn, @Kerridoc Atlantis Rising thread possibly?

Not only three fives, two of which are probably top 5, but two of arguably the best 4 stars also. Insanely good fortune, congratulations

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We match! I also got Cochin!


Another example of someone who gets all the goodies with minimal effort. Meanwhile my 88 pulls got me zero season 2 5* cards. SG RNG is trash.

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Why can’t you be happy for the guy? He’s run the risk gauntlet just like you have.


Super happy for you (and envious). That’s a waking up on Christmas with a pile of presents under the tree feeling

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Congratulations! Meanwhile, I am at 74 summons and not 5* and no hotm. I hate my life.

Supposedly the odds are as posted. Yet I see so many posts showing how a player got multiple 5* plus a HOTM etc in a single 10 card pull.

I’d love to see the code that runs the summons and the code that runs the RNG. Of course this will never happen.

So what we are really dealing with IMO are aggregate odds. So let’s say the game tracks summons and card awards in real time and can calculate a running % awarded vs the award chart.

If this rolling total exceeds published odds do the players who summons next - until the % awarded drops below the published value - actually have a chance at winning a decent card? Or are they out of luck until the game award % drops back down?

If it’s an aggregate system then every player getting multiple awards in a 10 pull may potentially set the odds for those who follow at 0% until enough pulls occur to balance the win.

Then there is the question of odds within class - something SG has not published.

For example - does a player have same odds for gravemaker vs any other 5* or is this also skewed ie higher chance for a card like Quintus while only a 1% chance at gravemaker etc.

Love to see full disclosure. Better still I’d like to see the code.

Either way it’s RNG within RNG. It is impossible to create true random events with software. High quality RNG engines are expensive. How good is this one? How many seed values? How determined what seed you get for your starting pull?

I don’t trust the system.

There are 1.5 million daily active players. That means low probability outcomes happen many, many times.

Getting a single featured hero and a HOTM in a 10-pull is a 1.33% probable outcome. Assuming half of all daily-active players do a 10-pull, there will be an average of 10,000 of these every atlantis.

Two featured heroes plus a HOTM in a 10-pull is a 0.079% probable occurrence. It will happen to about 1 in every 1,250 people who do a 10-pull. So, if half the population of daily active players did just one 10-pull, we’d expect 600 cases like this for each and every Atlantis.

The chance of a single pull producing a HOTM and a featured hero is 0.0169%, or 1 in 6,000. If every active player did just 2 single pulls, we would have an average of 500 of these in addition to our 10,000 lucky 10-pulls, and 600 very lucky 10-pulls.

And we haven’t even gotten to the 30-pulls or more exotic outcomes yet.

For example, 3 featured heroes in a 10-pull is a 0.024% probable outcome, or 1 in every 4,100 10 pulls. That’s an average of another 180 super lucky people if half of the active daily players do just one 10-pull.

So it’s not shocking at all that we get 10 or 15 incredibly good luck posts on the forum for each and every Atlantis. There’s no funny business with the probabilities required.


The game needs luck as well as money.


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