60 day anniversary

My name is Bud, and I’m an E&P addict.

And happy about it. Well, except when I can’t kill that second healer.

SH15…TC4, 11, 13…WT10 (still some sawing there)…farms 12 to 15…mines 13 to 15…storage over 1M both…forges 4, 11 (also building thanks builder 2) and second level barracks.

Now comes the tough climb to SH20. I have been saving my raid flasks to forage for resources, and joined an alliance last week to add income from titan fighting.

Not all has been grinding, though it feels that way. Spent more than budget because the bonus for buying the $100 VIP was a good deal. Did I mention the builder.

YRMV, but I hope you are having fun too.