6 war team setup

Under regular gameplay we’re able to setup and edit up to 5 teams for free or pay to add more.

That being said it would be very helpful if that similar function was used for war. Being able to edit and setup 6 war teams for each flag would be very helpful to those with busy schedules and life. Being able to thoughtfully plan out your 6 offensive war teams during both war prep and during war itself. So when you select a team you want to fight you simply scroll right or left like in a raid to select the team you plan on using for the attack.

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This has been suggested before but the problem is, once you’ve been playing for a while, you no longer try using a pre-set team for your battles.

Once your bench gets built up, the most effective way to fight is to colour stack and until you see what opponent you want to fight, you won’t know what you’ll need.

Here is a thread that talks about colour stacking for war


You could buy team slots and use them similar to your suggestion.

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You can still setup mono teams previously as well as part of your lineup, but if you have to edit the team during war because of opponents you have the option to do so. It creates a more diverse system instead of having to select everytime, especially when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to think. Being able to do the thinking beforehand would be helpful so you just find an opponent that best suits your offense.

Don’t mind me, just adding links to related threads to make it easier for future searchers.

This has also been suggested before in context of War many times, for example: